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What is a Cross Sport bet? It is probably exactly what you think it is. We are basically looking at anything that is happening in one game and comparing it to what happens in the Super Bowl. There could be things like total points LeBron James scores +12 vs. total points scored between Eagles and Chiefs. I love the NBA, and I love the Super Bowl, so these are some of my favorite things to check out. Let’s get right to it.

You can find these on pretty much any betting site, but I’ll focus only on what can be found on DraftKings. I highly recommend taking the best number you can find wherever you can find it. But, for simplicity’s sake, I’ll mention what I find there. The first one I’m looking at is Ja Morant’s assists vs. Travis Kelce’s receptions. On the season, Morant is averaging 8.3 assists per game and he is averaging 8.1 on the road, so slightly less. Over three games in Boston, he’s had 9, 9, and 13 assists. I don’t see Travis Kelce getting 9 or 10 receptions, so this could be a steal. At -235, there actually is value here, but I won’t play it. The price is too high, I mentioned it because I do think it is a winner and if you want to pay that price, you should be able to win it.

Sticking with Morant here, his line for points rebounds and assists would need to be somewhere in the 50’s to match the predicted total for the Super Bowl. I think the game goes under 50 points, so I kind of like the idea that Morant could get to this total. In the four games Morant has played against Boston in his career with more than 30 minutes, he has 43, 43, 49, and 47 PRA. I am waiting to play this, but I’d imagine his line will be around 44.5 and I think he could exceed this if Marcus Smart is out on this. If that is the case, I’ll take a shot on him because it is +380 and I think the line should be lower.

We will move off of Ja for a bit here and move to James Harden. He has a prop of number of threes made vs. Marquez Valdes-Scantling Receptions. This is a -115 line both ways. I really like Valdes-Scantling in this prop. Harden was one of the most talented scorers in NBA history, but he still is good even with his revamped game. However, he’s facing a Houston team that the 76ers could blow out. That would mean reduced time for him. Also, on the season, Harden is hitting 3.1 three-pointers per game at home. Valdes-Scantling has seven receptions over two games, but is second on the team in targets. Don’t forget there are injuries to the Chiefs wide receiver core so he could get even more opportunity. Mahomes will find the open man, so it is a risk, but I do like Valdes-Scantling in this one.

Next up is Jalen Hurts rushing yards vs. LeBron James Points, Rebounds, and Assists vs. Portland. I don’t think Hurts will run wild on the Chiefs. He has a total of 50.5 yards for his rushing prop. I am expecting him to have somewhere in the 30s or low 40s for his rushing yards. I do think that LeBron can eclipse this total. He’s already broken the scoring record so that pressure (if it really was any) is gone. He’s probably going to be somewhere around 45 or more PRA. Portland doesn’t have a very good defense. They have a couple of good defenders, but not good enough. I like LeBron in this one at -110.

My final one here is Pascal Siakam points vs. Kansas City’s team total points in the Super Bowl. The Raptors could be a very different-looking team by the time this game happens. The NBA trade deadline is tomorrow, so this is another that I’ll wait on. In his career, Siakam has averaged 17.3 points per game against Detroit. However, over his last three, he’s had at least 23 points. He’s only had 30 points against them twice. I think the Chiefs should be able to score at least 21 points and probably are likely to score 24 points or more. Siakam is averaging 24.7 points per game currently, but if the team stands as it is now, I think I’ll take the Chiefs at +100.

I’ll once again mention this, when I do bet these, it will not be the same value as other bets I place. The goal of these books are to make as many options available and get as much money coming in as possible. With so many options, there are mistakes to exploit, but I don’t feel like any of these are locks.

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Written by David Troy

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