Critical Race Theory And Other Leftist Values Purposefully Cause Destruction

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Television news programming has severe time limitations, so this segment just barely scratches the surface of what’s bubbling beneath the modern race-baiting culture. But Will Cain is onto something important here that is worth examining further, especially as it pertains to what logically follows the left’s daily identity politics and racism blitz.

Eventually, people are going to tire of being labeled a racist and will fight back. At that point, the left, after years of hollow finger-pointing and baseless accusations, will finally, gleefully, claim that they’ve been correct all along.

And that’s the point of all this racial posturing—critical theories, white guilt, revisionist history — it’s all meant to either encourage shame or drive well-meaning Americans to the point of rage.

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Leftist thought leaders openly embrace the no-win scenario: either admit your inherent racism, they say, or accept that you are the heartbeat of racism itself. The only thing you’re not allowed to do is stand up for yourself and openly question your own assigned futility.

In other words, you must believe that the world is a nasty place or they will label you as part of the nastiness. What’s worse is that they’ve somehow sold this repugnant narrative as the rallying cry of their party, a party supposedly rooted in love and acceptance.

The dishonesty is overwhelming, and its effects are accumulating quickly. Though we live in the safest, most technologically advanced society in all of history, mental health disorders and discontent continue to rise.

Hateful rhetoric and watered down critical theories destroy the nuance of existence—our soul, really—by demanding that adherents remain in a perpetual state of disgust and indignation.

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Leftist think that they are burning down the forests of old-world bigotry by spewing their vitriol, but really, they are just vomiting acid onto their own shoes. Despondent, depressed, and toeless, they then wonder why life still feels like such a burden instead of a celebration.

So is it any wonder that the targets of these kamikaze attacks are growing tired of the witch hunt? Is the left openly calling for violence in the form of continual provocation? I certainly hope not, but whenever a society becomes reliant upon destructive narratives like race theory, what other outcome makes any sense but destruction?

Written by TK Sanders


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  1. Never in the history of socialist thought has there been any good or peace come from Marxist ideology. Only pain, death and destruction can come from Marxism due to the WHOLE ideology being based upon the envy and greed of those who fell themselves incapable of anything other than violence.

    Marxism never builds, it tears down what was built. Marxism never innovates, it can only copy what already exists. Marxism cannot improve, it can only attempt to maintain a status quo so long as there is a critical mass of those willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of people who will not reciprocate..


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