Cris Cyborg Attempts To Bury The Hatchet With Ronda Rousey

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Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg were never the best of friends in the world of MMA, but now years later, a whole lot as changed.

Rousey has recently stepped away from the sport as she is set to give birth to her first child with husband, Travis Browne. The road to parenthood hasn’t been easy for them. The pair spent over a year trying to conceive.

Back when she was in it though, Rousey was the UFC bantamweight champion, and Cyborg was chasing her. However, a number of issues stopped the two from ever touching gloves in the ring.

Cyborg was quick to give some love to her former rival, putting aside any ill will from the past and congratulating her on the little bundle of joy on the way for the pair.

“Congratulations to Ronda and her husband on this new chapter of their life,” she said.

“I’m very happy for her, it’s very cool and this is the next step. Somebody told me last night and I was so happy to hear it.”

WWE has put an emphasis on the women’s division in the past few years. Rousey quickly became the centerpiece when she left UFC and made a surprise appearance in the WWE during the Royal Rumble in 2018. She then wrestled with Kurt Angle against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania that year in New Orleans.

Written by Matt Loede

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  1. Inaccuracy in the article: Ronda Rousey was severely exposed and beaten badly by Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes in 2016 (that was almost 5 years ago) and then QUIT. Good for Ronda that she walked away and can make more money doing WWE and basically nothing; but lets’ not pretend that she is stepping away from the game years ago in order to become a parent. MMA fans know that Ronda is a one-trick pony (arm-bar) and a quitter.

    If Ronda and Cyborg do meet and fight in a cage (which will never happen because Ronda has been running away and too scared to fight), it will be a bad beating on Ronda. Good for Cyborg to take the high road.

  2. I get you’re a hater and that’s fine, but she did win 10 straight (3 by striking). Not bad for a one-trick Judo fighter. They knew her strategy and they still couldn’t stop her. Have to give credit where’s it due for that. When the women’s division evolved and quality jujitsu/boxing fighters arrived, of course she never stood a chance. She tried to strike with them but was outclassed. She had a good run and knew when it was time to fake-fight for more cash.

  3. Holly Holmes gave here a new outlook on life. That was a brutal kick to the face by Holly. What sucked was Holly fought her next fight too soon against the advice of Dana White. No promo time to build up the fight and then she lost.

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