Cris Carter Doesn’t Think LeBron Has The “Toughness” To Make It In NFL

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Before he became a basketball star, LeBron James was a super talented high school football player who garnered All-State honors as a sophomore. James’ ability as a receiver led to football scholarship offers from some of the country’s top programs, such as Notre Dame. Because of his success, some have suggested LeBron could’ve played in the NFL. Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter scoffed at that idea, claiming James lacks “NFL toughness.”

Carter recently discussed James’ NFL prospects during an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show. “Could he have been (Randy) Moss, could he have been (Terrell) Owens, could he have been Calvin Johnson?” Patrick asked.

Carter responded by questioning the toughness of not only James, who’s listed at 6’8, 250, but also Olympian Usain Bolt: “LeBron’s a tough guy in the NBA. I don’t know if he’s a tough guy in the NFL.

“If it was that easy, Usain Bolt would be playing somewhere (in the NFL). You know, all of a sudden, Dan, guys come up out the surface and they hit you, and they say things to you. …And most track athletes, they don’t have that type of temperament. And I would say NBA toughness is a different type of toughness and grit than what you need to play in the NFL.”

If anyone knows about NFL toughness, it’s Carter. He was the first All-American receiver in Ohio State’s history, and he played in 234 NFL games and amassed nearly 14,000 yards and 130 touchdowns.

Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Could not agree more with Carter. Every few years ESPN dredges up this argument, all the time ignoring the complaints that playing basketball is too tough and the faux injuries that sideline LeBron. Hell, I remember early on when LeBron said he didn’t want to play inside anymore because it was too physically demanding.

    Besides, it would be stupid if LeBron chose the NFL over the NBA. NBA money makes NFL money look like pocket change. Charlie Ward realized that over 20 years ago.

  2. Carter is a narcissistic clown. Yes, he had great hands. Yes, he was a great player.

    But when he has to proclaim his toughness, his greatness, his whatever, ALL OF THE TIME, it just shows you what a sorry human being he is. LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME. It is sad really.

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