Did the Cowboys Get Robbed? Was That OPI?

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What a start to the NFL season! We had a great QB battle, a down-to-the-wire finish, and  — of course — a controversial call that may have decided the game’s outcome.

The Bucs topped the Cowboys 31-29 after Chris Godwin’s 24-yard reception set Tampa up for a game-winning field goal with 24 seconds left in the 4th quarter. And therein lies the debate. Did Godwin push off?

Take a look:

And for the photo:

That’s OPI. And had the NFL called it correctly, Tampa would have likely run out of time, down 29-28. The NFL didn’t give Dallas that call, and now the Cowboys are 0-1.

Tom Brady’s luck continues.

Written by Bobby Burack

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    • I agree, I am not sure why some ignore that the defender was holding onto Godwin. If they are going to allow the defensive back to grab the receiver they certainly need to allow the receiver to push back. OPI there would have been a terrible call.

  1. Looked liked it could have gone either way at first, then it was either the momentum, or it kinda looked like the DB flopped. Either way we’ve all seen much worse.

  2. I am a cowboys fan and that was not OPI. The issue was the holding on 3rd and 6 with about a minute and a half left. Yeah we got the yards back and kicked the FG and went ahead, but anyone with a pulse knew they left too much time for Brady. A first down there could have brought it down to a kick with no time left

  3. Look, in case y’all have not figured this out (I figured it out in the 1996 Super Bowl), the NFL is rigged to get MAXIMUM “controversy” and Maximum “Revenue.”

    The WWF has more believable story-lines… The NFL gave you suckers “Instant Replay” to make you THINK they are “getting the calls right,” when in reality, it’s not what they review, its what they DON’T review (either “by rule” or by omission during a BudLight Commercial) that changes the game.

    What? the “favored” teams needs a first down?? Then sorry, we can’t review for that obvious holding call that Fox/ESPN refuses to show a second time.

    Oh, the Favored team needs a stop on 3rd and 12?? – the ref never sees the DB dry-humping the receiver, but we all get to see the new Ford F-250 Suckosaurus Rex 4×4 for following 2 minutes..

    No thanks.. no NFL for me.

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