Cowboys QB Ben DiNucci, Who Called 2014 Tony Romo ‘Horrible,’ Turns In His Own Horrible Performance

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I’m not a huge fan of digging up old tweets to make guys look bad, but Ben DiNucci’s 2014 tweet ripping Tony Romo for being “absolutely horrible” is timely now that DiNucci had the chance to show the world what he could do as the Cowboys quarterback on Sunday Night Football.

“Tony Romo is absolutely horrible,” high schooler DiNucci tweeted on September 21, 2014. It’s unclear what triggered that tweet from teenage DiNucci, since Romo finished that September day with a 34-31 win over the St. Louis Rams, going 18 of 23 for 217 yards, two touchdowns and a pick. The Cowboys ended the year 12-3, and Romo led the NFL with a 69.9% completion percentage. He also led three other statistical categories as well. Romo and the Cowboys even won a playoff game that year.

Fast-forward to Sunday night. Now 23 years old and a rookie third-stringer, DiNucci got the start against the Eagles by default. The 7th rounder out of James Madison had a rough night. He finished with 180 yards passing, four sacks, two fumbles, and a 21.2 QBR. He also threw a sidearm pass that those on social media subsequently destroyed:

Most have called it an absolutely horrible performance, but DiNucci was much easier on himself than he was on Romo once upon a time.

“This NFL thing, it’s hard,” the rookie said after the 23-9 loss. “These teams are good. It’s a battle every single week, and you’re playing a divisional game. When you cross the 50-yard line, get into the red zone, you’ve got to get seven instead of three.”

High school kids: Be careful before making judgments about DiNucci’s 2020 performance. Someday you might be in his shoes as a third-string quarterback just trying to survive the NFL.

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