Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Wants More Out of WR Amari Cooper

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Maybe it’s sour grapes after a first-round playoff exit or it could be buyer’s remorse. Call it what you want, but Jerry Jones is less than thrilled with wide receiver Amari Cooper.

“I’m very, very frustrated and upset…” Jones told the K&C Masterpiece show. “We have used up some very talented players over the last few years.”

In March of 2020, Cooper signed a five-year contract extension with the Cowboys that totals $100 million, $60 million of which was guaranteed. Cooper, the No. 1 or No. 2 receiver on the team, depending on whom you ask, finished his third full season in Big D with 68 receptions for a ho-hum 865 yards.

While he also had eight touchdowns, that’s still not exactly the ROI Jones was hoping for. Jones obviously expects more from his expensive wideout, whom he thinks should still haul in passes even when he’s covered. With big contracts come big responsibilities.

“How he fits in, he should take half the field with him when he runs a route. Not half, that’s an exaggeration, of course, but a whole bunch of that defense ought to have to honor Cooper,” Jones added. “He ought to be able to catch it in the middle when they’re going with him. Others do. You throw to people that are covered all the time in the NFL. You have to.”

Following the playoff loss to the 49ers, many speculated that high-priced veterans like Cooper and others could be on the chopping block as Dallas continues to chase a championship that’s eluded the franchise for decades.

When speaking with the K&C Masterpiece show, Jones would neither confirm nor deny those rumors: “I’ve got a lot to think about regarding various aspects of the organization.”

Sounds like a standard offseason in Dallas.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Dallas has a lot more problems than criticizing a wideout. Cooper’s been with the Cowboys just a few years and you haven’t been to the Super Bowl since Jan. 28, 1996, so mirrors must not be allowed anywhere around the Dallas Cowboys organization.

  2. I have always thought the same thing actually. Amari Cooper is underutilized, and I have no idea why. The guy is off the charts talented, and more talented than Lamb IMO. The thing is his targets are nowhere near where they should be. He has only averaged 118 targets per season in Dallas the last three years. That’s ridiculous. That’s on Dak not looking for his best guy. To put it in perspective, this year 26 receivers had more than 118 targets. Makes no sense to me. He should be a 100 reception 1300 yard guy in Dallas, that’s what they traded for him to do, but he needs 150 targets to do that, not 118. It’s on Dak and McCarthy to change that. I get the vibe McCarthey is minimizing guys who were not “his guys” and emphasizing those who are, and doing it to the detriment of the offense. He’s done similar with Elliot too, reducing his touches.

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