Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Seen Autographing Babies At Training Camp

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Training camp is the time of year when teams prepare for the upcoming season. It’s also that special time of year when Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gets as much attention focused on himself as humanly possible.

Jerry usually does that by inserting himself into every discussion about the Cowboys imaginable.

He loves to flirt with the idea of firing whoever his head coach currently is and this offseason has been no different. He’s already let Mike McCarthy know he has choices.

ARLINGTON, TX – AUGUST 21: Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones talks to head coach Mike McCarthy prior to the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans on August 21, 2021 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. (Photo by George Walker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Another thing Jerry likes to do as the season approaches is say something offensive or insensitive. He can check that box already as well.

The 79-year-old has already apologized to the Little People of America.

Jerry signing babies means one thing, football is back!

Now, he’s getting into the bizarre. On Monday he autographed a baby at Cowboys training camp. To be specific he autographed a baby’s customized Cowboys onesie.

Cowboys fans are some of the oddest people on the planet. I know that’s a broad statement to make and I’m not even taking a dig at them for the eventual disappointment they suffer every season.

But who else is getting autographs from their favorite team’s owner, let alone having the owner autograph their babies? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

Do you, Cowboys fans.

I’m not hating on you guys at all. I just have a hard time figuring you out sometimes. But by all means never stop doing what you do, because that means football season is back.

Written by Sean Joseph

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