Cowboys’ Micah Parsons Had An Epic Fail At A Minor League Hockey Game

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Micah Parsons spent an entire season fooling opposing offenses, but he won’t have nearly as much success deceiving fans into thinking he’s a hockey fan.

Parsons, the NFL’s 2021 Defensive Rookie of the Year and an All-Pro, recently attended a minor league hockey game in Pennsylvania where he was given the honor of dropping the puck. But instead, Parsons dropped the ball.

Rather than wait for players from each team to meet at center ice – as is customary for a puck drop – Parsons casually strolled to center ice and discarded the puck as if it were a cigarette butt. The move quickly established Parsons as a novice hockey fan, at best.

This type of fail is regularly associated with the Cowboys’ playoff hopes, but not normally connected to someone as supremely talented as Parsons.

Watch Micah’s What the Puck!? moment below.

A confused Parsons laughed off his blunder and eventually opted for a redo, dropping the puck between two players as the crowd roared in approval.

The home team Hershey Bears, who hosted Parsons, wasted little time taking a lighthearted jab at Dallas’ top defender. Along with a thank you and a video from the scene of the crime, the Bears tweeted: “We are so sorry for not explaining how a puck drop works. That one is on us. Our bad.”

As Micah can attest, just because you’re on the ice doesn’t mean you’re cool.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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