Ed Werder Says Cowboys Have to Consider Drafting a QB in First Round

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This is quite the take.

Wednesday on Get Up, Ed Werder, the longtime Cowboys reporter, said the Cowboys have to consider drafting a QB with the 10th overall pick in the draft. Werder said his position would remain the same even if the Cowboys franchise tag Dak Prescott.

It’s an exciting idea, and Werder, unlike many of his colleagues, isn’t a foolish NFL commentator. However, do not expect the Cowboys to agree with his take.

As much as paying a QB franchise restricts a team’s flexibility for the next four to five years, Dallas needs to get a long-term deal with Dak done. There’s such a rush to find the next great, transcendent QB that the very good are overlooked.

If there were any doubts about Dak’s ability, they were wiped away this season when his year ended early and the Cowboys fell to pieces. So much of a QB’s impact is felt privately, and leadership doesn’t show up in the box score or in the highlights. Dak is the leader of the Dallas Cowboys.

Jerry Jones won’t be able to convince the team’s fan base that a rebuild is best practice. And besides, which QB could the Cowboys even draft that would put them in a position to win football games over the next two seasons? This year may be a QB-heavy draft, but there’s a chance four QBs are taken in the top nine. The Cowboys pick tenth. Mac Jones is moving up in the mock drafts, but he’s far from a lock prospect.

Nevertheless, I appreciate Ed Werder’s take. A good one only comes along so often.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.

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