UK To Stop Vaccinating Healthy Kids, COVID Vax Hypocrisy Rages On: Tomi Lahren’s Final Thoughts

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The UK will stop offering the COVID vaccine to healthy children ages 5 to 11.

Tomi Lahren has some Final Thoughts.

The whole “my body my choice” thing is largely lost on Liberals —worldwide — when it comes to the COVID never-ending series of vaccines. 

Yet, in a surprising, logical, and wise move the UK Health Security Agency based on guidance from UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization, will no longer offer COVID vaccines to children ages 5-11. 

Now this makes perfect sense, COVID is a glorified cold at this point and even at the height of the pandemic, children were at the lowest risk.

Yet, to keep the fear-demic going — certainly within the US — kids were still kept out of school, forced into remote learning, forced to forgo extracurricular activities, miss out on school lunch programs many desperately needed. Despite the absence of any long-term clinical trials, parents and students alike were then incessantly pressured to get injected with experimental COVID vax. 

Some parents salivated with bizarre glee over vaccinating their children and according to some headlines…some in the UK still are. 

Tomi Lahren Final Thoughts
The UK will stop offering the COVID vaccine to healthy children ages 5 to 11.

But is it parents that are upset? Or big pharma pushing academics who live and die by the vaccine gospel? 

One of the “angered ones” over in the UK is Christina Pagel of University College London who acknowledged very few kids risked death from COVID, or must risk at all, but that they should still vax up to keep them from spreading COVID…

Um…Christina enough with the charade, the jig is up!

We know the COVID vaccine doesn’t prevent infection or spread! So the logic of pumping a vaccine- with no concept of long-term side effects — into the lowest risk age category willy nilly to appease the elites at London universities — is a load of bull. 

It’s clear from the incredibly low child vaccination numbers in both the UK and the U.S. that parents aren’t about it. 

And it’s NOT because they are anti-vaxx either! The COVID vaccine is not the same as measles, mumps and rubella and which have been time-tested, studied and charted! 

And PS., most kids already have COVID and the natural immunity is far stronger than however many shots you want to jab in their arms, whether the medical community wants to fully cop to that or not! 

And could someone please relay that to Democrat DC Mayor Muriel Bowser who — to this day and with all the science we have now — is dead set on a COVID vaccine mandate for students over 12 with her “no shots, no school” policy. 

The deadline for that has been extended to January but keep in mind, Bowser has also vowed to cut off even remote learning for students that won’t comply with the mandate. Keeping them OUT of public education of any kind. 

This is all lunacy, tyranny and discriminatory but it won’t end till parents step up, stand up and vote like their children depend on it, because they do. 

I applaud the move made in the UK, it’s a good start and places logic and reality over politics and pharma. We can only hope our CDC, our government, or at least our courts here across the pond are wise enough to scrap the jab-pushing and at least leave kids alone. 

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