COVID Cases Plummeting In US And Vaccine Said Not To Be Driving Force

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New data shows that cases of COVID-19 have dropped 45 percent in the United States and 33 percent globally over the past three weeks, and the decline is not necessarily a result of the available vaccine, as relayed in a report from the Daily Mail.

After all, only eight percent of Americans and 13 percent of people worldwide have received even their first dose, per the report. As an aside, some may say that it’s not entirely a coincidence that reports of a decline in COVID cases began at the same time Joe Biden replaced Donald Trump as president.

And these aren’t just reports of a decline. No less than the World Health Organization said Monday that the number of infections has been falling worldwide for three consecutive weeks. In the U.S., 44 of the 50 states are seeing a decline in cases — with only Alabama, Louisiana, Montana, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania trending upward, per the Daily Mail, which cited Johns Hopkins data.

Yes, that includes even California and New York, two states with governors whose handling of the virus has been under constant scrutiny. But the data shows California’s 21,451 reported cases on Tuesday are less than half of the 54,000 reported in the middle of December. And New York’s 8,215 cases on Tuesday are significantly down from the Jan. 15 number of 19,942.

Graphic courtesy John Hopkins

Along with that, the Daily Mail noted that 92,880 patients are hospitalized with the virus — which is the lowest number on record since late November. That also marks a 30 percent drop from Jan. 6, per data from The COVID Tracking Project.

“Hospitalizations have fallen 26 percent since they peaked most recently on Jan. 12, the data shows, with 96,534 reported in the hospital as of Wednesday,” the Daily Mail reported.

So what is going here? The virus is real, but there is no doubt it has been politicized, both by those in office and the national media at large. What matters most, though, is the reported trends may indicate a return to life as we once knew it.

Written by Sam Amico

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  1. We already knew this was coming, the cycle threshold was changed in January.

    Essentially, the original testing would find even a miniscule positive test and flag it as a positive, which results in a lot of false positives (to err on the side of “caution,” the WHO was willing to “inflate” infection numbers in order to supposedly decrease the amount of false negatives.)

    Now, they want to make sure the viral load is high enough to be meaningful, not just “present.” If I drop one grain of salt on a steak, you can technically call it salted. That was the old way of testing. Now, someone has to put a level of salt on the steak that can actually be tasted to be called salted.

    Not like the timing was suspicious, or anything. A number of doctors were complaining about the old testing methodology as far back as last summer, if I recall correctly, but of course, they were ignored.

  2. At some point all the people engaging in risky behaviors (such as gathering in large groups to lead an insurrection against the city of Seattle, burn down police precincts in Minnesota, or throw bombs at a federal courthouse in Portland) will eventually contract the virus. Once they’re all infected, they can’t get infected again and the virus transmission rate should start to decline.

  3. SO OVERHYPED and BELIEVED. Just like influenza this is just another virus, that WILL mutate and require seasonal shots to try and help ease the severity of the illness. These vaccines are not an end all. They may produce an easement of severity, at best, and will require yearly shots, if that is your thing. They call the Wuhan flu “novel” there is nothing novel about it, other than the fact that it was never around until humans started playing with and manipulating it. I have never had a flu shot and never will.

  4. Fauci will cling to notoriety for as long as possible. But little does he know that as soon as the people stop ever questioning the exulted leaders, he’ll be cast aside so all these same control mechanisms can be used to fight ‘climate change.’

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