COVID-19 And BLM Canceled The Joy Of Patrick Mahomes And Deshaun Watson

On the opening night of the NFL season, joy and celebration feel criminal. 

The past six months locked in our homes, denied the casual intimacy of smiles, handshakes and hugs, and trapped in a viral-video race war have stolen the emotion of joy and the act of celebration. 

COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter canceled Sports Christmas, the first night of NFL football, an evening traditionally filled with joy and celebration for sports fans.

Tonight, my Kansas City Chiefs launch a defense of the Super Bowl title they won in early February. Seven months ago, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes rallied his team from a fourth-quarter deficit and delivered Kansas City its first NFL championship in 50 years. In the process, Mahomes established himself as the best football player in the world. Not long after, Chiefs owner Clark Hunt rewarded Mahomes the richest contract in NFL history. 

Tonight, there’s much to celebrate inside Arrowhead Stadium and throughout Kansas City and Chiefs Kingdom. Can we?

Houston — the home of the Texans, KC’s opponent tonight — has much to celebrate, too. The Texans have a young quarterback, Deshaun Watson, with nearly as much promise and talent as Mahomes. A week ago, Watson agreed to a $160-million contract extension, which made him the second-highest-paid player to Mahomes. 

A season ago, the Texans beat the Bills in the wildcard round and lost the next week to the Chiefs in the divisional round of the playoffs. With Watson leading the offense and J.J. Watt leading the defense, Houston has every reason to believe they can unseat the Chiefs as champs. 

There’s much to celebrate in Houston tonight. 

There’s much to celebrate across the NFL. Football is back. It survived Corona fear mongering and formulated a plan to continue and deliver on its promise of a meritocracy-based system that rewards all men based on the content of their performance.

Mahomes and Watson, black quarterbacks, are the two highest-paid players in football. Russell Wilson is number 3. The NFL is a shining example of the kind of racial progress that can only be achieved here in America. 

We should be joyful tonight. We should celebrate the achievements of football. We should honor and celebrate James Harris, Joe Gilliam, Vince Evans, Rodney Peete, Randall Cunningham, Warren Moon, Steve McNair, Donovan McNabb and all the quarterbacks who paved the path for Mahomes, Watson and Wilson. 

We should say their names and express joy for the road we’ve traveled, the hurdles we cleared and the limitless possibilities in front of us.

Instead, we’re going to honor Jacob Blake, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Rayshard Brooks and many other alleged victims of police brutality. We’re going to make victims of poor decision-making heroes and martyrs. We’re going to reflect on death, despair and desperation. 

This is satanic. Sports Christmas has been turned into a satanic ritual focused on the tragic life-endings of a handful criminal suspects. 

We’ve criminalized joy and celebration and glorified anger, misery and racial division.

The primary lesson of sport has always been about the power of the man or woman in the mirror, the power of exemplifying the change you want to see. Football exemplified America at its best. Now football, like the rest of sports and like Hollywood, is pivoting to wagging a finger and scolding the people the media classify as intellectually impure. 

Rather than demonstrate behavior free of bigotry, the NFL will exemplify bigotry and racial divisiveness through words. The league will play two national anthems tonight. Racial justice slogans will adorn both end zones. Law enforcement will be demonized while players honor Jacob Blake, a man accused of sexual assault. 

I don’t have a problem with the TV show Law & Order. I just don’t want to see it during a football game. I like joy and celebration with my football games. I’m not going to get it in maximum dosage tonight. I’m pissed. 

The whole country is overdosing on anger and misery. 

On Labor Day, I scrolled through my Twitter feed and someone I follow retweeted a professor, Greg Carr, the chair of Afro-American studies at Howard University. Carr tweeted:

“On Labor Day remember theft of generations of African labor that enabled the settler state called USA. Nothing to celebrate. Just historical fact. First nations were ravaged. Our labor absorbed as captives. The afterlife of those crimes still rot the American state from within.”

What can we celebrate? Not football. Not Labor Day. Everything is an excuse to suck in more bitterness, anger and misery. We must focus on death, abuse and wickedness. 

It’s all satanic. It’s the mainstreaming of evil. 

There’s much to celebrate tonight. Too bad our current culture doesn’t allow it.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Yes the joy, fun and enjoyment has been taken out. I decided not to watch the NFL this year when Packers CEO Mark Murphy scolded a fellow Packers shareholder for claiming that BLM was a Marxist organization. Murphy said that BLM was not a Marxist organization and the person did not know what they were talking about.

    • The only sport I have tuned into these last few weeks that is devoid of politics is the Tour de France. And I am in no way a fan of cycling or even cyclists in general.

      It says a lot about the current state of affairs that its unusual that you can watch hours of sports programming without a single mention of social justice, politics, or other nonsense that is foist upon you with other sports.

    • Ditto. Lifelong Packers fan and I’m tapping out. Don’t need Murphy and Rodgers and LeFleur using their “platform” to lecture and moralize. Certainly, don’t need to spend my hard-earned cash on a league that supports anarchy and the anti-American intentions of BLM and the useful idiots they cultivate.

      • Because I’ve tapped out too (I bleed green and gold, I go back to Dickey to Lofton), I didn’t hear this about Murphy, so he denied they want to defund the police, eliminate the nuclear family, are anti-religion and anti-capitalism? I will have to look for these comments, good lord, how depressing.

  2. We should celebrate Jeff Blake instead of James Blake when it comes to NFL football.

    I’m with you Jason, I’m angry that I can’t just sit down and “enjoy” a football game. I truly want to, I love football, but the NFL won’t let me. I feel robbed, cheated, scammed. I’m already anticipating the sickening and divisive religious rituals we will all be force fed tonight. What place does any of it have in a football field? I can’t watch it. I won’t. It’s ruining sports. The NFL is not just taking its fans for granted, it’s treating us with blatant contempt. That’s a sad mistake that may destroy the league.

    • I won’t be watching this year and probably ever again,stopped watching my hometown Spurs last year because of the coach and have not watched since.For past several years have enjoyed watching Jerry Jones losing games and years of his life but finally figured out bank is what he cares about.

  3. Jason…you’ve pointed out many times this “thing” being celebrated by the Left is the new secular religion. Designed to focus on past evils rather than the current and future promise of our country (yours and mine).
    You have much to be proud of in the systemic evolution of the NFL QB, and you’re right…it’s a shame that we’re not feeling cheerful about the start of NFL football.
    JLW: “We’ve criminalized joy and celebration and glorified anger, misery and racial division.”

    My parents came from the South of Ireland in the 1940s. Should I hold a grudge and hatred in my heart today for the English who I run into all over NYC? Should I tear down any Union Jack I see?

    The Great Famine, also known as the Great Hunger, was a period of mass starvation and disease in Ireland from 1845 to 1849.[4] With the most severely affected areas in the west and south of Ireland, where the Irish language was dominant…The worst year of the period was 1847, known as “Black ’47”.[6][7] During the famine, about one million people died and a million more emigrated,[8] causing Ireland’s population to fall by between 20% and 25%.

    It wasn’t just a potato crop blight that started the genocide. The English land owners allowed middlemen to come in and act as landlords, take over the farms and break them up while charging the tenant farmers whatever they would bear, and then throw them off the land on a whim. And the British took all the other grain crops and vegetables and shipped them across the Irish Sea to feed the UK. And as most of you know, it wasn’t just the Irish that were victims of British oppression. Their proud proclamation, “The sun never sets on the British Empire”, meant different things to different people.

    • Despite all historical evidence, corporate America onpy allows blacks in the US to talk about past sins against them. It’s maddening, as someone half-irish and half-ashkenazi Jewish descent, to be told that not only have ONLY black poeple ever been repressed, but that I’m responsible.

      My ancestors who faced severe religious discrimination both where they came from as well as here in the US, would beg to differ.

        • The beauty of the American Experience is not focusing on grievances of the past but expanding liberty and freedom to find a better future. If we as Americans become tribal the outcome is rarely good. Love your neighbor as yourself. Let’s start with that and our future can be greater than we can imagine.
          I’m not talking about kumbia bullshit. We have to respect each other as individuals and children of God. Our history is built on the greatness of individuals who contribute to the overall betterment of our society. If we just classify ourselves as members of tribes we won’t have a great future as Americans.

  4. Great column Jason. I will tune into tonight’s game with both excitement and dread. And tomorrow the media will focus on the social justice elements as they continue to try to divide us. Sigh. It will be interesting to see how the KC fans react to all of this. Btw – I believe Ahmaud Arbery did not involve cops so you may want to edit your column.

  5. Last night while grilling out I watched a replay of Texas/Texas A&M from the late 90’s. It was great to see Ricky Williams and young Mack Brown. But what really struck me was that when Texas won the game on a last minute field goal, kicked by a small, blond hair, blue eyes kid, the kicker immediately ran over to sideline and jumped into the hug of a large black player, and it was obvious from their reaction they were very close friends. That’s the beauty of sports to me, it brings people together. No one cares about race, we care about supporting our teammates and the teams we love.

    Personally I’m grateful to the NFL, they have shown us their true character, and I will not be watching them tonight or on Sunday. I will be enthusiastically watching college football and English soccer. Unfortunately those sports will also suffer from the COVID hysteria, but at least I don’t have to be lectured about what a terrible person I am or what a terrible country we live in.

  6. Another bullseye for JW. Leftists are by nature miserable people and want everyone else to be miserable too. To people like Prof Carr I say: get over it! This guy and people like him only have cache because they traffic in perpetual victimhood. No wonder the younger generation so screwed up with men like him educating them. To young people of this country I say – take control of your lives, be responsible and accountable. That doesn’t mean run wild in the streets. In short, grow up!

  7. Jason You are so right we should be celebrating the start of football the greats game in the world. The AMERICA game .The game were Man are Man and the woman love them for it .Now lets get to it the NFL will put BLM propaganda all over the field accusing all America of being racist . A course the Twitter mob will love it. All the white liberals that hate football and all it stands for’ Masculinity’ ‘will cheer the player on.This the same country that elected a black president for eight years have Black man and women running Major cities with black Police Chiefs and Prosecutors. We elected Black Congressman and woman .Black business millionaires all over our the country . The NBA NFL MLB Have made thousands of millionaire many who are black .
    For the NFL to allow this propaganda on the fields will be very bad for there business and league.
    I’m like you Jason I can only watch so long then I have to turn away it insults my intelligence.
    For NFL players the NFL to a line them self with BLM over black criminals and thugs getting caught up in police actions. AND ignoring the hundred of Black man woman and Children killed in cities every night. America is not Twitter and vast majority of Americans are not racist. We are Christians.
    Great job on Tucker last night

  8. Jason summed it up for most of middle America. We’re pissed. If I could tune in late to the game tonight and miss the opening woke ceremonies, at least an attempt could be made to watch some of it. The end zone messaging, the names on the helmets, and the corporate woke commercials will make it virtually impossible for me.

    • I am a new VIP and have enjoyed Jason’s thoughtful writing. I am a huge sports fan and played fantasy football for past 12 years but quit both leagues I was in. I even enjoyed reading box scores and player transactions to stay in the loop but can’t get interested this year. Even US Open tennis is hard to watch with the posters and commercials…at least there is not as much of that on PGA and LPGA so they are still watchable. I may tune in for the 2nd quarter just to see Mahomes…
      I agree with Chris above “To young people of this country I say – take control of your lives, be responsible and accountable. That doesn’t mean run wild in the streets. In short, grow up!”

      • I feel your pain. Lifelong, die-hard Reds fan who has not watched 1 pitch since they agreed not to play because of Jacob Blake. We are losing our country – it will take some strong leadsership and intestinal strength to get it back. I learned today that Notre Dame will be bending their knee to BLM tomorrow during the telecast of the Duke game. That was an overt religious reference on purpose. Even tacit support for BLM is flat out wrong not to say un-Christian. What is wrong with all of these people??!! No one disputes that all lives are important. Not one mention of these children who have been killed. Children.

  9. Very true. I’m shocked however how I’ve adjusted without watching. For 50+ years I was an over the top sports nut! Sports and news was all I watched. CHEERS was the last show I regularly watched for God’s sake. I have my high school football team to prepare for(no season until spring, thanks King Cuomo) , reading books like crazy, enjoying shows like Yellowstone, etc. I go out to dinner or other outings with wife and never check Cardinal scores anymore . Hell, we rarely went out , ( had to watch every Cards game on MLB package)! I am good to go and won’t return until bull stops. I give it two seasons before money reality sets in for these DISHONEST leagues.

  10. Mr. Whitlock once again you speak truth.

    I told my family- I pay the bills. I work for our services…no NFL pre-game, no ESPN, no NFL Network until after kickoff. I did not serve for 13 years to watch criminals be honored while people stand for something that’s not our country’s anthem them to follow it up my kneeling during our actual Anthem.

    Yes, they have a right to kneel. They do. But to stand while proclaiming another song is and to stand for it as well…no.

    Then if the commentary gets all SJW…I’m done for the year. This is my trial. I g HT age plenty of other things to do- Ana I h what you learn when tyrants limit your options for months.

  11. Jason, I refuse to watch the NBA’s AND1China tour (where games are both boring and fixed anyway)….I might try to watch NFL, even though racist white liberals are trying to destroy the NFL too….In this column you just wrote (great as always), here is the paragraph that most stands out to me:

    “Mahomes and Watson, black quarterbacks, are the two highest-paid players in football. Russell Wilson is number 3. The NFL is a shining example of the kind of racial progress that can only be achieved here in America.”

    I continue to be astounded that these millionaire athletes don’t realize they can be the change they want. They and their children will be future business owners and big time influencers in the world of sports and entertainment. If only they would realize that they don’t need the racist white liberals. If only they would realize that racist white liberals are using them to help destroy America

  12. Fantastic piece, Jason! It is incredible the way you outlined my emotions today when typically I look forward to the Thursday night NFL game. The thought of a 2nd anthem makes me cringe just thinking about it. Social slogans in the end zones will be hard to ignore. Maybe I should be happy I just cleared up a bunch of time this fall tuning this out. Started to watch the NBA but the opening kneel session and jersey slogans…..I turned it off and haven’t watched since. I have no idea what is going on in the NBA other than their ratings are down 30% year over year. Let’s hope we can get back to apolitical sports someday and celebrate greatness over dysfunction.

  13. “Satanic” – that is a strong term, but it is appropriate, Mr Whitlock. I love Clay but you are the reason I became a VIP yesterday, because you call it as it is. Our conflicts are not as political or ideological as they are spiritual. That is the only way to explain the unbalanced hatred we are seeing. I am done with pro sports and maybe college as well if I am constantly preached at on Saturdays as well.

  14. What an incredible piece. Really sums up the current state of many fans. Sad.

    Joe Gilliam was my mentor at Offense/Defense football camp when I was a freshman in high school in the early 70s.. Super guy who became an early idol. Didn’t end well for Joe obviously but still a treasured memory.

  15. This self-righteous mob knows nothing of history. We are ALL descendants of slaves. The Romans enslaved my English ancestors and their soldiers exercised extreme BRUTALITY with our people —
    but I don’t think Italy is going to offer us reparations. And I don’t think Egypt is going to offer reparations to the Israelis, nor are the Mongolians to China. Slavery did not originate in America in the 1600s with white people. Widespread slavery and instances of law enforcement BRUTALITY date back to Mesopotamia in 3500 BC and have existed in virtually every civilization since then. Today, slavery WORLDWIDE (mostly outside the U.S.) generates $150 billion a year in PROFITS. In 2019 there were an estimated 40 million people worldwide subject to some form of slavery, This includes forced labor, forced marriages, child soldiers, sex trafficking, sexual slavery.
    (Source: Wikipedia)

  16. It is so hard to believe I did not watch or tape the Chefs/Texans game last evening. As an “ex sports nut,” I’ve obsessed about the beginning of each NFL season. However, I could not subject myself to the “gloom and doom” so well described in Jason’s column. The good news, for me, is that I have Jason and Clay to give me comfort that someone is challenging this craziness. Each day, I watch, listen, and read their words and feel hope “this too shall pass!”

  17. As a football fan, I watched five minutes well after the pre game shenanigans. Politics belong elsewhere.
    Jason, Your point about the top three black quarterbacks made me think about the DOJ’s suit vs Yale and the NY City war against Asian Americans in the schools. Do you think we need diversity in the NFL? Guarantee a certain % of players at each position be from every minority group? Include some trans as well?

  18. Jason,
    With many alumni from my beloved LSU in the NFL and being a perpetual Saints fan since they arrived in New Orleans in 1966 when I was in the eighth grade, my joy and pleasure for the sport has ceased.
    I simply cannot watch the NFL any more. Even if my Saints won the Superbowl this year as a part of Drew Brees swan song, my soul simply cannot tolerate the product that is now put onto the field by the 32 owners of the NFL. I must save my celebration of joy and pleasure for a loving God, my precious children and grandchildren and the wonderful friends that are in my life. I will survive without NFL football. I will follow my LSU Tigers and college football this year. I will make lemonade from the lemons. So very much appreciate the work you do and the true truth you speak.

  19. I’ve sworn off sport as long as the insanity continues. I won’t watch them, won’t buy their merchandise, or buy their sponors’ goods either. I used to love Nike products, but haven’t bought any Nike apparel since they embraced the “kneeling” movement. I’m sure they won’t miss my money, I’m only one guy. But if everyone hit them where it really counts (in the pocket), they just might wise up. Doing my part. Jason, keep on speaking the truth! Love being a VIP.

  20. Love the NFL but I agree they sucked the fun out of that game. I was pressing mute all evening. I can put up with this for the rest of the weekend, if this keeps up I won’t be watching. All my life I have chosen to focus on the positivity and the good in the world. They focus on the negative and it is depressing, exhausting, and not fun.

  21. “It’s the mainstreaming of evil.” Well said, this is what we’ve been witnessing in so many aspects of our society with the feeling that most of it directly relates to one side living their mantra “the ends (Orange man and a God fearing America gone) justify their means (keeping things locked down, riots, social media, etc.)”

    I feel like we are all broken records at this point, but it doesn’t matter, Jason and Clay need to keep their drum beating and we need to do our part, with our families and friends.

  22. I would give the NFL a C/D due to what should have been a sports entertainment event decided to carry on the contrived, falsely created, BLM narrative which has been created out the liberal spin machine based on turning criminals into heros. I have never owned slaves and BLM have never been slaves. White privilege…is that where I have been working since I have been 10 years old shoveling snow and cutting grass to buy my own clothes and shoes, then a huge daily paper route for 6 years with working my way through college by paying my own way by working in the steel mill in front of a 2800 degree furnace. When I graduated, I did not owe anyone money. Is that white privilege. White people go through being persecuted, bullied, prejudiced against. There is no free ride. Then the NFL is complicit in promoting the false, contrived narrative like last nights opening game. Total BS!

  23. I am a dolphins season ticket holder and these POS won’t come out for the national anthem! I will bring a bullhorn and boo the hell out of some fake second anthem. If this continues won’t be renewing next year!

  24. I surely don’t need JJ Watt wagging his finger in my face, telling me ‘I don’t understand’. I understand completel..
    I understand you are a football player. You play football. Whoopee.
    You didn’t perform brain surgery yesterday to save a baby’s life. You didn’t do life saving neck surgery to save a 61 year old mans life (my story). You didn’t broker a world peace deal i the Middle East that could save countless lives. You didn’t build a house today or yesterday with you own two hands.
    You played football. And got all puffy because you think you are doing some sort of social justice.
    And I’m the one who doesn’t get it.

  25. Once again Jason you have nailed it! It’s amazing how the son of a poor bar owner in Indianapolis and the son of a poor gas station owner in a town in Oklahoma nobody has ever heard of have so many thoughts align! But I bet your father, like mine, taught me one thing. You get what you put in! No excuses! I was a small collage basketball player. It was the first time in my life I struggled to compete athletically. I called my Dad to bitch about the coach not liking me. My father was and still is a man of few words. He asked me three questions. Do you go to the gym before school like you did in high school? Do you show up an hour or more early like you did in high school? Do you stay late and shoot when your legs are completely gone like you did in high school? Of course it was no to all three. My life changed that day. I’ve done pretty well in life and I never cried about someone else effecting my outcome. Stay strong my brother and keep telling the truth!

  26. If these athletes want social justice, then education is paramount. Ben Carson is an example to the black community. When our inner cities’ public schools don’t have a monopoly on the education of poor Americans, then we will see a proportional amount of Black and Hispanic representation in our society. Engineers and Doctors don’t have to be a particular skin color. They do have to be extremely smart.

  27. Yes the sin of slavery is on America. But America being a Christian nation and it founding documents Declaring all men are Created equal an that man have right give by GOD NOT MAN . And Christian man step up and fight a war that killed hundred of thousand of there fellow country to end slavery .I get chills every time i here the words of the Battle Hymn of the Republic. The power of the LORD is what sit man free.

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