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You wanted scoreboard chaos at the Masters, you got it

Well, my prediction that Justin Rose would come back to the field was correct, but my guy to watch, Webb Simpson, had a bad Friday and is +2 for the tournament. The good news for CBS is that Jordan Spieth (-5) and Justin Thomas (-4) are right there in the mix to help the ratings along with Tony Finau (-4) who has a top-five or better finish in all of the majors, but still hasn’t broken through. Those are your focal points heading into Saturday’s round.

The huge news for me on Friday was Si Woo Kim (-4) snapping his putter in frustration on No. 14, but still finishing his round with four straight pars using his 3-wood as his putter for a 69. For those of you who aren’t into golf, this is a content guy’s dream to see a guy melting down when he’s at the top of the leaderboard. Jim Nantz and CBS will replay Kim snapping that putter at least two dozen times over the next two days. They know a content gem when they see one.

The sportsbooks have Spieth at +430 to win this with Justin Thomas at +500. Justin Rose, who started the tournament +10000 to win is all the way down to +550. Finau at +1400 might be worth a few bucks at this point.

It looks like the weather will be more of the same today with some clouds, sun and maybe a late shower when the final groups are finishing up. That’s it. As for the pin positions, the Twitter experts say it’s going to be another mental grind out there for the guys who made the cut.

• I’m thinking today’s going to be a ‘knock out a bunch of random things’ kind of day around here. The yard needs a fresh cut before the thunderstorms roll in. I know what you’re thinking: What happened to the ‘We Cut On Thursdays’ deal Screencaps readers all made? It rained Thursday. Bad elements. Had to adjust the schedule. I might also go get the holly bushes I’m putting in. It’s starting to feel like a green bushes in strategic locations kind of year around here.

• COVID cases are going nuts in Michigan, but this time the governor is going with a new approach, according to the NY Times. Gretchen Whitmer is “appealing to personal responsibility.” Wow, where have we heard that approach? “Policy change alone won’t change the tide,” she said Friday. People were trying to tell you this 8-10 months ago, Gretch.

• Have you been following the Deshaun Watson case? Friday, the QB’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, said his client has had some consensual sex during massage sessions over the last year and is now building a defense around all of this being consensual. I went over to see what Woke Champion Jemele Hill thinks and it’s *crickets*. Absolutely nothing on the whole thing. No takes. No opinion at all. It’s so weird. Innocent until proven guilty in a civil court of law, but Jemele typically doesn’t work that way.

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    Sadly I’d have as much success with her as the alligator that struck out. Poor guy looks kind of confused at the end of the clip. All that work and then nothing.

    But damn Elizabeth Hurley…

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