Couple Under Investigation For Dying Waterfall For Gender Reveal

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A couple in Brazil is under investigation after they decided to use a waterfall for their gender reveal party. The couple put (spoiler alert) blue dye in the water. The concern is that they may have contaminated a city’s water source as a result.

The unidentified couple held their gender reveal party at the Queima Pé river last Sunday, September 25. The river is the primary source of water for the city of Tangará da Serra in Mato Grosso, Brazil.

Videos from the gender reveal went viral on social media. The attention raised questions about possible environmental damage from the dye. The family removed the videos they posted, but that didn’t erase it from the internet.

It Made For A Nice Video Though

An investigation is now underway to determine what was used by the couple to dye the water for their gender reveal party. The agency in charge of the investigation released a statement on the matter.

“Sema-MT will notify the owners of the area so that they can inform who were responsible and will determine if there was environmental damage, depending on the material released into the water,” according to the press release. “A team composed of two servers from Sema-MT and four servers from the Secretary of the Municipality of Tangará da Serra are on site and nearby investigating the complaint.”

It’s time we all agree to stop doing these over-the-top gender reveals. It’s all of our fault. We’re not making fun of these things nearly enough.

We can accept the gender reveal wrestling match, the stripper pole reveal, and even the touchdown celebration reveal. But let’s leave the fire, explosives, and dye at home.

Lots of people have kids. You’re not that special and your reveal doesn’t need to be special either. Pop a balloon or something.

Written by Sean Joseph

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