Couple Cracks Up During Wedding As Officiator Says ‘Deez Nuts’

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Everyone hopes to have a memorable wedding. A wedding they can look back on with a smile on their face. A couple of newlyweds accomplished this with the help of their wedding officiator.

During the couple’s Persian-American fusion wedding they had a traditional wedding ceremony spread customary at Persian gatherings called Sofreh Aghd. Each of the items included in the spread is used as symbolism for the marriage.

Couple Cracks Up During Wedding As Officiator Says 'Deez Nuts'
Couple laughs during wedding at “deez nuts” pronunciation (Image Credit: TikTok)

The groom’s aunt was serving as the officiator for the ceremony and was going through the items on the table. She got to some nuts that were on the table and said, “I hope your marriage is as strong as the shells of these nuts.”

With her accent “these nuts” came off as “deez nuts.” The pronunciation was picked up immediately by the couple. They can be seen looking at each other and laughing as the officiator continued with the ceremony.

Deez Nuts Weddings Are Hard To Come By

Given that this was the only viral moment shared from their wedding it has to be assumed that deez nuts was the only funny pronunciation from the ceremony.

The couple embraced the moment. They even stated a new TikTok account to commemorate it. They’re now known on the video sharing platform as the Deeznutscouple.

The bio of their new account reads, “Got married and went viral. To have and to hold deez nuts.” The new account includes a couple of versions of the viral moment and some other footage from the big day.

Having a deez nuts wedding isn’t that bad. Of all the things that could happen, having a mispronounced word slip into the ceremony is something most people will take.

You don’t ever want the event to be remembered for an insane speech or drunken mishap.

Written by Sean Joseph

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