Country TikTok Influencers Are Jumping On The ‘Steal Your Man’ Trend

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Watch out ladies, country TikTok influencers are out to steal your man. One slip up and these ladies are waiting with country fried steak, cold beer, farm equipment, and acreage.

The “steal your man” trend involves a combination of warnings to other ladies about the treatment of their men and self-advertisements. The influencers often list their age, acreage, vehicles, and a sexual innuendo.

Country TikTok Influencers Steal Your Man Trend
Country TikTok influencers trying to steal your man (Image Credit: TikTok)

One of the viral videos warns, “You might wanna stop treatin your MAN like trash, or else he’s gonna end up at my house with country fried steak, taters and a case of cold beer waiting when he gets home.”

There are other clips with similar warnings about not taking your man for granted. Then there are the ones that simply put out some stats, if you will. Those videos let the “stats” do the talking.

“I’m 31. I come with 40 acres, dirt bikes, and a built in waterfall,” one clip states.

The trend has its own theme song, a mashup of Morgan Wallen’s song “Last Night” and Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode.” This makes the trend easy to find on the video sharing app.

Additionally, having a theme song makes it easy for others to turn this trend into a battlefield. And that’s exactly what has happened.

Ladies who aren’t down with the country girls coming for their men have issued responses of their own. Some of the responses are a little more direct than others and have their own warning messages attached to them.

It’s All Fun And Games Until It’s Not

There’s no way I’m getting in the middle of this one. I’m more of a sit on the sidelines and watch kind of guy when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Both sides make some decent points. The significant others should probably value their partners a little more and that’s a two way street.

Going around curb stomping people for flirting with your husband is probably an overreaction, but stealing men by offering up a bunch of land to do cool stuff on isn’t great either.

Bottom line is be careful out there. TikTok isn’t just sending all of your personal information to the Chinese government, it’s also a battleground where ladies are coming after your man.

Written by Sean Joseph

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