Country Star Granger Smith Leaving Music For Ministry: ‘A Contradiction’

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Country music star Granger Smith — who’s song Backroad Song was a chart-topper back in 2015 — announced via Instagram on Tuesday that he’s leaving music after this summer to pursue a career in ministry.

In a lengthy post, the 43-year-old said he’s had a “strong desire to pursue ministry,” for some time now and that he planned to serve at his local church full-time.

“This doesn’t mean I’m going to start a church or a crusade or a revival, this means that me and my family are going to serve our local church,” the country singer said. “We’re going to pour into that church as members, and my pastors and elders pour into me and disciple me and teach me as I sit under their wise teachings.

“And then Lord willing, one day, they will affirm me into the next steps of what that might look like to glorify God best from my platform.”

Granger Smith leaving country music for ministry

Smith also said that he’s recently been attending seminary, which is also taking up a large chunk of his time. The longtime singer has been touring for nearly three decades now, and released his most recent album — Moonrise — last year.

The country star added that he’s also been working on a book, Like A River, which is set to come out this summer and details son River’s tragic drowning accident in 2019, which put him on a path to God.

“That message is so important to tell,” he said of his journey. “It’s the most important piece of media I could ever release.”

Granger also points to his inability to reconcile his faith with certain parts of the music industry as a reason for stepping away.

“I can’t go to seminary and pursue ministry and then go out on the weekend on stage and be exalting myself,” he continued. “I think that’s a contradiction.”

Written by Zach Dean

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