Country Music Star Morgan Wallen Dropped from SNL After Partying at Alabama Game

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Country music star Morgan Wallen announced on Instagram that he was dropped as the musical performer at Saturday Night Live this week for violating Covid protocol by partying maskless in Tuscaloosa last weekend after the Alabama – Texas A&M game:

“I got a call from the show letting me know that I will no longer be able to play,” Wallen said. “That’s because of Covid protocols, which I understand. I’m not positive for Covid but my actions this past weekend were pretty shortsighted and they have obviously affected my long-term goals and my dreams. I respect the show’s decision because I know that I put them in jeopardy and I take ownership for this.”

Wallen said that Lorne Michaels gave him encouragement that they’ll find a time to reschedule his performance, and that means a lot to him.

“Videos on TikTok show Wallen posing with fans in T-Town, downing shots, kissing girls, playing the guitar and generally making merry,” wrote of Wallen’s revelry in Tuscaloosa this past weekend. “The clips show him in a bar, at a house party, in the backseat of a fan’s car and more.”

Wallen, 27, had an album that reached the top of the country music charts in August. That same month, his single “7 Summers” set an Apple record with 4.6 million streams on the first day and reached the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

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  1. OMG i just watched the video you would think he just lost his puppy so this is the country music star of today all he did was hang with some friends can you imagine Waylon Jennings doing a video like this but here we are LOL

  2. Definitely not “Outlaw Country.” I’ve heard this type of music referred to as “Bro Country”, but I think Castrati Country is most appropriate. Can you imagine Cash, Haggard, Williams Jr or Sr, ever putting out a hostage video like this one. But fret not Outkick world, the majority of us still have our testicles and free will.

  3. Guess he took the Drew Breese seminar in damage control. “I apologize for offending anyone anywhere at any time for not living in the constant terror of impending doom. I have acted completely normal and happy when my peers expected far less from me, and for that I am deeply ashamed. I will begin a strict regimen of forcing myself to act contrary to common sense, reason, and sanity in order to please nameless raving lunatics on Twitter, who may or may not actually exist. Thank you.”

  4. Cancelling this dude on SNL was weak, but we knew where they stand. The dude’s response? Even weaker. “Could’ve been a legend kid, could’ve been a legend.” *Drops cigar, walks away shaking head*

    • Also, you don’t have to worry about kissing SNL’s asses to try to get back on later. Take it from Kanye:

      “F*** SNL and the whole cast/Tell ‘em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass. More specifically, they can kiss my asshole I’m an asshole? You ***** got jokes. You short-minded ****** thoughts is Napoleon…”

      That was Kanye blasting SNL in 2010 on the song “Power” after SNL ribbed him. He’s appeared on SNL at least four times after that.

  5. SNL ceased being relevant once Obama got in office and they treated him with kid gloves, as if he was their own special needs child. They had one funny skit after Trump’s election making fun of Manhattan elites on election night. Since then it’s been in a Trump deranged freefall.

    Wallen missed an FU moment that would have endeared him to country fans.

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