Could Aaron Rodgers Actually Host ‘Jeopardy!’ Full-Time?

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Speaking on NFL Network Tuesday morning, Aaron Rodgers revealed how seriously he’d take an offer to host Jeopardy! full-time. Rodgers says that he’d like to host and continue to play QB at the same time.

As Ian Rapoport points out, Rodgers isn’t joking, it’s a possibility:

No one can replace Alex Trebek. He’s a legend, but there may not be a better successor to him than Rodgers. Forget his talent on the field — which is on a level all its own — Rodgers is incredibly witty on camera and was fantastic last night as guest host.

Rodgers’ unique, unpredictable personality is made for TV. Though he’s likely too rich and famous to want to work an NFL studio role, Jeopardy! is a different discussion.

Rodgers could both host Jeopardy! and play QB. He could tape weeks, maybe months’ worth of episodes in a few days. It doesn’t have to be either/or.

Plus, who knows how much longer Rodgers will play in the NFL. Though he just won MVP and is still the best QB in the game, he is 37. Few retirement plans are as solid as hosting Jeopardy!.

Jason Martin thinks Jeopardy! is actually a better gig than playing QB. He makes a strong case, too:

ABC, which holds Jeopardy!‘s syndication rights, has to decide on a replacement with producer Sony Television and distributor CBS Television, and of course, Aaron Rodgers should receive strong consideration.

The Los Angeles Times reported late last year that Katie Couric, MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki, actress Mayim Bialik, and executive producer Mike Richards were getting looks. Okay, fine. They aren’t Aaron Rodgers.

Kornacki is great on the touch board. Same with Ken Jennings, there’s a lot to like. He’s not Aaron Rodgers.

I’m rooting for Aaron Rodgers to get the job. Jeopardy! fans should too.

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  1. Best QB in the game LOLl back on your meds bro what a joke got smashed in the playoffs by the dude who won his seventh SB and Rodgers is still tied with Trent Dilfer with one SB win over ten years ago highly overrated for sure

  2. Shoot if he loves the game show as much as he says he does…why not if they offer him the gig? Beats getting knocked over weekly by 250 lb linebackers and being Skip Bayless’s troll bait.

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