Costco Is Selling A Bat Autographed by Ty Cobb For $159,999.99

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It appears there’s a whole new ballgame being played at my beloved Costco. Guys, your days of running in to drop $100 and walking out with toilet paper and street tacos could be coming to an end. The club is now selling a Ty Cobb autographed bat for $159,999.99.

Yes, my text exchanges have been lit up over the last couple years with my fellow suburban friends dreaming of dropping $15,000 on the indoor golf simulator. There have always been items — the Lovesac couch display was unfair — well out of the price range, but this Ty Cobb bat thing is a whole new beast.

“During the early 1900’s no other player dominated the sport of baseball more than Ty Cobb did. He made his career debut in 1905 for the Detroit Tigers. Cobb would go on to earn twelve American League batting titles, a Triple Crown award, and the American League MVP Award in 1911. To this day he still holds the MLB record for the highest career batting average of .367. In 1936 when the National Baseball Hall of Fame was originally founded, Cobb was voted in with over 98% of the votes,” the Costco item description reads.

“This ultra-rare and highly valuable bat has been personally hand-signed by Ty Cobb with the inscriptions ‘With Best Wishes Sincerely – 3/14/49.’  The signature displays constant pen flow which remains consistent throughout the inscription.”

Now you can get the Kirkland trash bags and a $64,000 autographed Babe Ruth baseball. Something to consider with these memorabilia items Costco is selling — the standard Costco return policy WILL NOT WORK. I know some of you take back shoes two years after buying them, asking for your money back. I know Costco does it for some of you freaks.

No dice here. You’re out of luck if you buy Cobb’s bat and it splits after you and the boys get rocked on Kirk Lights and take some hacks in the garage.

Another thing I still can’t figure out is whether Costco will give you 2% back on your executive card if you use it to buy the Cobb bat.

Costco selling Ty Cobb Bat
Costco Ty Cobb bat for sale

Written by Joe Kinsey

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