The Reported Cost For A LIV Golfer To Break Their Contract Is Astronomical

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Money, and where it comes from, has been the main topic of discussion when it comes to LIV Golf instead of the actual golf being played. Players signed massive contracts to join the Saudi-backed circuit, and based on a new report about the cost of breaking said contracts, players are very much locked into their deals.

While it’s safe to assume that players who jumped ship for LIV miss competing on the PGA Tour, that specific conversation grew louder recently when Brooks Koepka was rumored to have “buyer’s remorse.”

The four-time major winner shut down that rumor in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated.

“I’m fine, I’m satisfied, I’m content with every decision I’ve made,” Koepka says. “I knew everything I was getting into.”

Brooks Koepka Reportedly Regrets Move To LIV Golf
The reported cost for a LIV golfer to break their contract is sizable, to put it lightly. (Photo by Giorgio VIERA / AFP) (Photo by GIORGIO VIERA/AFP via Getty Images)

While we have to take Koepka for his word, it doesn’t seem that he has a real choice other than sticking with LIV Golf.

According to SI’s Alex Micelli, in order for a player to break their LIV Golf contract “the penalty clause is two, three, four times their signing bonus.”

Plenty of numbers have been tossed around in regard to certain signing bonuses for different LIV players. Forbes estimated earlier this year that Koepka was given $100 million guaranteed.

It’s unclear what Koepka’s signing bonus was, but even if we assume it was $10 million, him paying upwards of $40 million just to break his deal with LIV Golf wouldn’t be a wise move, even for a guy with his net worth.

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