Coronavirus Update: Things Are Getting Better Because Cuomo Is Limited To Only One State

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Coronavirus update.  Things are getting better. I know everyone out there has been panicked over the case increase. 

I saw everyone tweeting over the past couple weeks that we were going to have a huge series of New Yorks out there.  Every state.  Florida, California, Texas, Arizona were all going to be like New York.

You know what happened?  None of them remotely came close to New York. You know why?  Because they don’t have an idiot governor.

Unlike Andrew Cuomo, they didn’t make disastrous opinions.

Florida now, appears to have already been through the worst of the outbreak and absolutely nothing similar to what happened in New York occurred.

Florida and Texas are going to have combined 1/10th of the death rate compared to New York and New Jersey.

New York and New Jersey, their leaders did a worse job than anyone in the world.

These two states have a higher coronavirus death rate than anyone in the entire world. It was an unmitigated disaster.

Let me give you some data.  Yesterday, Texas had the lowest number of new daily infections since June 21. Over a month, Texas new lows.

Florida, meanwhile, passed in the three days in Florida: 278.  Deaths on the same day last week — those three days: 305.

It appears that the overall new hospitalizations have peaked in Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

I want to focus, in particular, on Florida and Texas.  They now have the same number of confirmed cases that New York has.  But 1/10th the death rate.

This should be the number one story in America because it confirms that this ain’t that dangerous.

The CDC says 6 – 24 times as many people have gotten this as have been confirmed.

Florida says there is a 1% death rate right now.  If they have gotten 1 of 10 of all cases, that means there is a 99.9% all-age survival rate from this virus.

I gotta tell you: Facts matter. Use them.

The fact that many people to embrace fear-porn is evidence of how poorly their brains work.

Only three things matter: The Facts, The Facts, The Facts.

Someone asked me why I make people choose sides. Because, the choice is, do you want to live life or stay in your bed, covered up by a blanket and never to go outside again.

Life requires that balancing risks. In order to balance risk, you have to understand what risk factors apply.

If you are a young athlete right now, you are more likely to be struck lightning and die than die of the coronavirus.

If you are under the age of 50, you are more likely to die driving to and from work than from the coronavirus.

If you are under the age of 50, you are more likely to be murdered than you would dying from the coronavirus.

All of these are facts. They are all important. It is worthwhile to consider facts when you make decisions in your life.

What frustrates me is that we have made a series of social policy decisions as if the coronavirus is the only thing that exists in the country. As if there are no other factors at play.

40 million unemployed is a serious deal.  In my home city of Nashville, twice as many people are overdosing as they did before.

Kids are being pulled out of school — which is contrary to what the CDC said and also contrary to 67,000 pediatricians said.

There is absolutely no argument at all for us to be shut down. There is no argument that a shut down should have ever happened.

If you notice there has been a shift in all of the arguments.  Initially it was about flattening the curve.

That was supposed to last two weeks now we have moved on to Coronabros are arguing that we can’t go back to work or school until there is a vaccine.

Why?  99.9% of people are recovering.

The facts matter.

This is not a disease that should shut down the country or the world.

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  1. He’s a national disgrace…and he’s a disgrace to NYS.
    He fukked up HUD when he was HUD Secretary under Pres. Clinton, and he’s the same Peter Principle jerk 30 years later. Period.

  2. New Yorkers believe he is doing a great job. Probably not polling the folks leaving the state. Then again, AOC was considered a crusader when she was successful in driving Amazon away from her district and all of jobs that her constituents would have had.

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