Coronavirus Update: Don’t Listen to Idiots Who Say They’ve Had the Coronavirus 47 Times

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Yesterday, there were 327 people nationwide who died with the coronavirus.

That’s “with” the coronavirus because there is difference between dying with the coronavirus and of the coronavirus.

if you die of Stage Four lung cancer and you have the coronavirus, you are listed as a coronavirus death.

Despite that, you died with it — not of it.

Every day in the United States, 7,500 people die.  2.8 million around the nation every year.

Yesterday, 7,200 died of something other than the coronavirus and got almost no attention.

The idea that schools are shutting down is flagrantly and insanely dumb and anyone who is arguing for it is also dumb.

And speaking of dumb, there are a lot of people on social media spreading a falsehood that you don’t get immunity after you have the coronavirus.

There are people on social media who are claiming they’ve had the coronavirus two times, three times, 47 times.

Listen to me carefully:  If that is true, which it is not, then no vaccine would work.

The vaccine is predicated on giving people antibodies to the coronavirus so if you are one of those people who are running around with your hair on fire about how you can get the coronavirus multiple times, then waiting for the vaccine doesn’t make any sense.

Because the vaccine wouldn’t work if you could keep getting the coronavirus even after you’ve been exposed to it.

Why don’t people take the next step and call out these idiots. After all, what is their plan then? If you don’t believe you get immunity after the coronavirus, then your only recourse is to never leave your house again because there is no vaccine coming to save you.

Don’t listen to these idiots.

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  1. This is a very interesting take that is not being discussed. I will briefly say that I believe that I had already contacted the virus before the country shutdown. Spare everyone the details… That being said, I believe that I have some stored antibodies and I am certainly not afraid of contracting it again.

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