Corinna Kopf Is Hot In A Tub, Kay Adams Has Shams Sweating, Mullet Man Stresses At Draft, Bud Light Goes Country, Wild White Sox Rant

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Don’t you dare say Nightcaps ain’t educational. Sure, most of you likely click on this for the hot girls in hot tubs — yes, we’ll obviously get to streamer Corinna Kopf in a minute — but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little wiser along the way.

If you read yesterday’s ‘cap, you were likely the smartest (horniest?) guy at your NFL Draft party.

While the rest of the world frantically Googled, ‘Who is Will Levis’ girlfriend?,’ you knew exactly who Gia Duddy was. Now, did I foresee Gia AND Will getting completely overtaken by Kelley Levis?

Nope. Didn’t see that one coming, and that’s on me. That’s how we learn, though.

But, as ESPN and NFL Network attempted to set a new record for most screen time for one family — seriously, it was insane — you weren’t fazed a bit, because you went to school earlier in the day and took notes.

As my terrible D3 college baseball coach used to say, lets Stay Hot, Kid! and keep the ball rolling today.

It’s a Friday, so we’ll give some love to Corinna Kopf. Time for stardom. Elsewhere, the internet was STRESSED for Dalton Kincaid’s personal Mullet Man at last night’s draft, ESPN for some reason had the Jonas Brothers on for some hardcore analysis, and one White Sox fan is beyond DONE with the organization.

Oh yeah, Kay Adams is also back because we can’t go too long without Queen Kay.

Grab a Yuengling while the poor folks at the NFL Draft are forced to drink Bud Light, and let’s have ourselves a day!

Dalton Kincaid almost missed his chance to play for the Bills

I’ll be honest with you — I didn’t see this live. I fell asleep with about eight picks to go last night because I’m an adult with an 18-month-old running around.

You know what I miss? The old days when the NFL Draft would go from Noon to 8 p.m. on a Saturday. That was awesome.

Anyways, I woke up this morning, went to what’s left of Twitter and immediately started to sweat when I stumbled upon this little video from last night.

My God. I haven’t been that stressed out since Gracie Hunt’s mom called me out earlier this year.

Absolute panic from our mystery Mullet Man here (Kenny Powers?), and I 100% get it.

Where the F–K is the Bills hat?! Where did I put it?! Dalton’s going to fire my ass into space before I even get some of the signing bonus!

Looks like he finally found out it the bottom of the fourth stack with some help from that other dude, and just in the nick of time. Phew. Talk about getting the juices flowing. You had one job and nearly tanked it.

Feels like maybe he should’ve just been eliminating hats as the draft progressed? I’m also pretty sure OutKick called Kincaid to the Bills a while ago, so maybe read a mock draft or two and get your ducks in a row?

Either-or. All’s well that ends well. Enjoy catching lasers from Josh Allen.

ESPN rolls out the Jonas Brothers and the internet was thrilled

You know who I can guarantee didn’t know who Dalton Kincaid was (or is)? The Jonas Brothers. Zero percent chance they follow Utah Utes football.

Didn’t stop ESPN from having them break down the NFL Draft with Kirk Herbstreit, though!

How about that last one? I debated whether to include but hey, it’s Friday. Whatever.

Yeah, it didn’t go over well — as one would expect. Didn’t bother me because I wouldn’t watch ESPN’s coverage over NFL Network’s if you paid me, but to each his own.

Speaking of Rich Eisen and the fellas over on the league-owned channel, they had their own issues with music.

I don’t have the video because I couldn’t find it/it doesn’t exist, but at one point Rich Eisen was basically pleading with the NFL Draft Gods live on air to make the background music stop because you literally couldn’t hear a thing they were saying.

Kay Adams has Shams working the NFL beat now

Final nugget from last night’s opening round of the draft, then we’ll empty the tank with some angry White Sox fans and Corinna Kopf before Roger Goodell restarts the clock.

If you’re like me, you stayed off Twitter last night during the draft. Why? Simple. The Teacher’s Pets of the NFL Reporter class love to spoil the picks before Roger announces them. It’s a tale as old as time, and one that I despise.

Ruins the whole point of the draft for the viewer.

Anyway, looks like we had a new kid in class last night, and he comes from the Kay Adams school of breaking news.

Yep — we got some serious NFL Shams Bombs! And buddy, Kay Adams’ (alleged) boyfriend was running circles around Schefty and Ian. For a minute.

Two for two, Shams! But wait just a second. Hold the phone. What about that third pick??

Wrong! Strike 3! You’re out, buddy. Stick to basketball. This is still Ian Rapoport’s world — for now.

You wanna come after the King? Better not miss, Shams.

I reckon he’ll still be OK, though. After all, Queen Kay Adams was in her Sunday’s best on a damn Thursday last night.

Bud Light overcorrects and White Sox fans are done

OK, couple items to check off out to-do list before we head into the final weekend of April.

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite woke beer — Bud Light!

If you watched the draft last night, you probably noticed their newest commercial. And if you have half a brain, you probably realized exactly what was going on.

That’s a damn course correct if I’ve ever seen one. Talk about a 180!

I wrote about it earlier today, so give me the #clicks when you’re done with this if you don’t mind. It’ll be worth your time, trust me.

For those who don’t have an extra 2 minutes to spare, I’m cool with the obvious pandering back to their base. Cowgirls in short shorts and the rain? Good by me.

But when you play Zac Brown’s Chicken Fried in the background — an all-time country song that oozes America — I have to draw the line.

Hey, Bud Light, you don’t get to go back to your roots just like that and assume we won’t notice. Nope. Not on my watch.

That’s a sacred song, and one you have to earn your way back to. Nice try. Don’t do it again.

And if you think I’m being a little too harsh there, just be glad I’m not this White Sox bro who has HAD ENOUGH of his crappy team.

Corinna Kopf takes us into May

It’s a byproduct of a dysfunctional, abusive relationship with the front office.

And when they canceled SOX FEST like the cowards they are, I knew something was up.

The entire lineup is batting under .220 … the best hitter on the team is JAKE BURGER!

All-time rant. Love the passion. No shot this guy drinks Bud Light. This is a man’s man if I’ve ever heard one. Absolute dog.

If anyone needs some Corinna Kopf in their life right now, it’s this depressed White Sox fan.

Let’s allow America’s most popular Kick streamer take us into the weekend and right the hell into the month of May. From a hot tub, no less!

See you Monday.

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Corinna Kopf in a hot tub.
Corinna Kopf and Kay Adams have had one hell of a run.
Streamer Corinna Kopf is a dog.

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