New York Yankees RHP Corey Kluber Throws No-Hitter Against Rangers

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Two-time Cy Young winner Corey Kluber pitched a no-hitter for the New York Yankees in Wednesday’s 2-0 victory against the Texas Rangers, Kluber’s former team.

Released after a season-ending shoulder injury, Kluber left the Rangers to join New York in January 2021.

For the first time in his 11-year MLB career, Kluber has completed a no-hitter. The no-hitter is also the 12th recorded in New York Yankees franchise history. 

The Yankees are 24-19, inching closer to the Rays in the fight for third in the AL East.

The Rangers slide to 19-26 at the bottom of the AL West.

The 35-year-old pitcher gave his typically stoic perspective after the record-setting performance, reflecting on the injuries leading up to the night:

Wednesday night’s no-hitter will be the sixth of the MLB season, most recently accomplished by Spencer Turnbull’s no-hitter for the Tigers against the Mariners.

The record for most no-hitters in a major-league season is eight, in 1884. The modern-era record is seven. With several months remaining before October’s playoff excitement, we may be witnessing a season for the history books.

Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. There have been 15 complete game shutouts so far this year, and 6 have been no no’s. Both way ahead of typical pace. Something is up.

    The league has already surpassed the total number of shutouts from each of the last 2 seasons (14 in 2020, 12 in 2019). At the current rate we will see 55 shutouts, by far the most since 2014, and 22 no hitters this season. I think today’s pitchers have clearly figured out the lift or whiff hitting approach of today’s hitters, and are utterly dominating. The hitting approach taken today is atrocious and needs to change. The poor hitting is the main reason the games have gotten so boring. Everyone talks about rule changes to improve the game, my suggestion would be stop the current hitting approach and focus on making more contact.

    • Last thing to highlight the dearth of hitting in today’s game, because I think there’s a big story here someone needs to cover. The league is hitting .236 overall. This is the lowest league average in the recorded history of MLB. The next lowest was .237 in 1968, and that was the last year of the 15” mound. The league saw a desperate need to rebalance the competition between pitchers and hitters after that year, so they lowered the mound to 10”. It’s that bad.

    • Lmao yeah it’s called an obsession with analytics in the batting cages. Analytics has turned baseball at the pro level into something almost unrecognizable to someone who watched it completely transform the game starting in the 2010s. It’s not good for any sport imo it’s only valuable to fantasy players and stat head weirdo sports writers it does not help an athlete nearly as much as it’s been sold. In fact in baseball I think it’s making these hitters who’ve bought in think entirely too much about specifics in the box.

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