Conor McGregor Denies Staph Infection Ahead Of Upcoming Bout

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With a tie-breaking featherweight bout against Dustin Poirier set for next week, Conor McGregor now stands 1-1 against Poirier with little getting in the way of a highly anticipated third match. Including rumors of a potential staph infection, which McGregor spoke on out to clarify the rumors.

Only a week before the marquee fight, reports based on an Instagram post from Conor suggested that he had been dealing with a staph infection.

With their third fight at UFC 264 slated for July 10, Conor McGregor cleared up the rumor to a follower on Twitter when asked about the reports.

Twitter user @walkerlday replied to a tweet from the Irish champ with the following: “Conor please tell me you don’t have a staph infection.”

To which McGregor responded, “No. Just vicious brain damaging elbows.”

The two fighters first met in the Octagon during UFC 178 in 2014. The featherweight bout gave McGregor one of his first major statement victories with a TKO against Poirier in the first round. Advantage: McGregor.

Poirier got his revenge by defeating McGregor nearly seven years after their first fight at UFC 257 in early 2021. Poirier won via TKO in the second round against Conor. Tied series.

The third fight between McGregor and Poirier will be a vicious matchup between two brute fighters looking to solidify their advantage at UFC 264. To get in on the action, join OutKick / FanDuel to bet risk-free for up to $1,000 on your first bet.

Written by Alejandro Avila

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  1. This has the potential to be a great fight if the pre-Mayweather Conor is back. Dustin has become a great fighter over the past few years and will win handily if Conor has been too distracted to train.

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