Proper Punch: Connor McGregor Sends Miami Heat Mascot To Hospital After Knockout Punch: Report

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The loss to the Denver Nuggets wasn’t the only knockout on Friday night in Miami, thanks to Connor McGregor.

It all went down during the Nuggets-Heat game during a commercial break. UFC fighter Connor McGregor was in Miami for the game, but also to promote some type of pain relief spray. During the skit, McGregor was called out by the Miami Heat’s mascot ‘Burnie’, which led to McGregor throwing a massive shot to Burnie’s head. He then followed it up with the knockout blow on the ground.

Yes, this is not a joke, it actually happened. Now, according to The Athletic, the man who was playing ‘Burnie’ was taken to a local hospital after the incident. The report states that the man was given some type of pain medication and sent home.

Connor McGregor Wasn’t Messing Around With ‘Burnie’

After seeing the video on social media late Friday night, I thought it looked as if McGregor landed a pretty stiff punch, but didn’t think it was serious. Turns out, the former UFC champion put a little extra on his left punch, along with the ground and pound.

You can’t make this stuff up. McGregor is out there on the court promoting his product, then decides to make Burnie look worse than Jose Aldo in the first seven seconds.

Connor McGregor promotes some type of pain relief spray during the Miami Heat game
Conor McGregor is seen on the court during a timeout in Game Four of the 2023 NBA Finals. (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)

There is no word on if anything further will happen, most likely because ‘Burnie’ should’ve told Connor to pull his punch. No matter where he’s at, the ‘People’s Champion,’ Connor McGregor, always brings headlines.

All I can imagine was this dude in the mascot jumpsuit talking trash to McGregor in a friendly manner and Connor deciding to lay into the guy. Maybe the guy is looking to get an extra payday after his bosses told him to take a shot from Connor McGregor.

I would think this is the last time the Miami Heat ask McGregor to participate in a mid-game skit. Maybe the Denver Nuggets invite him to Sunday’s game.

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