Conjoined Twins, 22, Might Share A Vagina, But Only One Of Them Is Dating Right Now & She’s Talking Marriage

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Conjoined twin sisters Lupita and Carmen Andrade say it’s time to normalize their condition and that means opening up on social media about their lives.

The twins, 22, who were born in Mexico and came to the United States as babies, tell that they have one vagina, two arms each, but only one leg. Oh, and Carmen is dating and has already had the chat about kids with her boyfriend, Daniel. They’ve agreed to no kids.

Conjoined twin Carmen Andrade is talking marriage with her boyfriend Daniel, but she has to think about her sister Lupita’s feelings in this huge decisioin. / Instagram

In a no-holds-barred tell-all about their lives, the sisters explain that they can’t get pregnant, but that doesn’t mean they can’t find love and start a life with a partner. Yes, that means the other sister has to agree to this life, but Lupita doesn’t seem bothered by her sister’s choice in men.

“I met my boyfriend, Daniel, on [the dating app] Hinge in October 2020,” Carmen tells TODAY. “I never tried to hide the fact that I’m a conjoined twin, which meant I got a lot of messages from guys with fetishes. I knew right off the bat that Daniel was different from the others, because he didn’t lead with a question about my condition. I have social anxiety, and I’ve ended up canceling dates at the last minute, but I felt calm on the way there.”

Now the couple has been together for 2 1/2 years and they’re actually discussing marriage. “But we want to live together first,” Carmen adds.

Eh, yeah, it’s probably for the best if you see if this is going to work.

“Daniel and my sister get along really well,” Carmen explains. “It’s funny because I stay up later than Lupita, but when Daniel’s sleeps over, I fall asleep quickly — and he stays up talking with her.”

The sisters shared a bunch of other life details with the news outlet, but let’s stop right here because we need to ask a few questions about this relationship with Daniel. The sisters need to do a follow-up report and share a few details here so we can fill in the blanks:

  1. After a long day of school or work, or whatever they have going on, does Daniel give one big hug to the sisters? From what they share on social media, it appears Lupita is left out of the affection, which makes sense because she’s not dating Daniel, but let’s face it, she’s here to stay.
  2. Honestly, we need a reality series on these three to give us a better look at how this all goes down.
  3. Lupita says she’s asexual and is fine with Carmen doing her thing, but does she honestly want to sit there hearing these two talk about love and life? If so, she’s the greatest wing sister in the history of the game. Carmen owes her one, big time, if that’s the case.
  4. Does Lupita stay out of it if Carmen and Daniel get into an argument over the smallest of things or does Lupita jump into the fray?
  5. There is a 30-part series to be had if Carmen and Daniel are willing to go into basic intimacy questions like making out. Does Lupita put on headphones? Does Carmen give her some sort of signal?

All that said, the sisters look like fun. They’ve turned up at Hooters. They get dressed up for Halloween. It even looks like they go out partying a little bit. I’ll tell you right now I’m dialed into this possible marriage between Daniel and Carmen. I need cameras catching all of the content, if these two are up for it.

“It’s not all rainbows and sunshine, we’ve had a lot of challenges, but we have a great life. We go to movies and concerts (sharing one seat) and we travel on airplanes,” Carmen adds.

From the sound of things, ladies, things are just getting heated up. Dan the Man has a ring to put on a finger.

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