Concern Brewing For Urban Meyer In Jacksonville: ‘ It’s Not Going To Work’

The Urban Meyer experience in Jacksonville is going over about as well as acne on prom night. One week into his debut NFL season, Meyer has those around the organization wondering when he’s going to pop. Reports surfaced ahead of Jacksonville’s season-opening loss to Houston that Meyer, once labeled as a genius and innovator, is now being described as “unhinged.”

Sunday morning, CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reported that a source told him, “(Meyer) has everyone looking over their shoulders already. He becomes unhinged way too easily, and he doesn’t know how to handle losing, even in the preseason. He loses it and wants to take over the drills himself. It’s not good.”

Following a highly successful college career during which the 57-year-old coach claimed three national championships, Meyer was hired by Jacksonville in January to help turn around a franchise that finished 2020 with the league’s worst record (1-15).

An up and down preseason served as an eyeopener for those around the organization.

“You can’t freak out about preseason games and belittle your coaches on a staff you handpicked every time things don’t go your way,” another source told La Canfora. “It’s not going to work here.”

On Sunday afternoon, Meyer’s Jaguars trailed Houston 27-7 at halftime before dropping their season-opener 37-21. Sounds like things are going swimmingly in the Sunshine State.

They’ll try and right the ship next weekend, when they play host to Denver.




Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Geese Louise folks it’s the first game with a rookie QB and coach. Yeah, they’re not going to be the 1980 US Hockey team, so let Adjust expectations a tad. You have to at least see how they respond and adjust after this game too. The quality of a coach is how well they can get their team to adjust and respond to adversity. Meyer hasn’t had a chance to do that yet. Give him a season first.

  2. You have to give the guy a chance, but, I will say, I don’t think an guy that has repeatedly shown so much volitility can make it at the pro level. If you watched any of the features on him, his own family struggles to deal with his personality. He had the “sick on the sidelines” thing going on for half a season at OSU. I don’t think it will work, but here’s hoping.

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