Complaints About Tim Tebow Getting Louder In Jacksonville

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Tim Tebow has yet to speak to the media over signing his one-year deal with the Jaguars, but he is taking his new position seriously as he tries to work his way onto the roster.

Many have begun following Tebow since he inked with Jacksonville, which is to be expected. He is now working at OTAs trying to show that he should be a part of the team.

A ton of people are supporting the 33-year-old’s effort to come back to the NFL, but some have a few concerns and think that TebowMania is getting a little too much hype at this point.

It’s been a problem since the Denver Broncos drafted him years ago. Tebow — no matter what he does, good or bad — gets a LOT of attention at camp, which is causing a distraction for the team.

While Tebow isn’t the one feeding into it, he’s still a part of it, and it’s a tough circle to get out of it he wants to just be ‘one of the guys.’

“If there’s one common complaint I’ve heard from his past coaches about it, it’s not that he’s actively fueling it,” Breer wrote in SI’s Monday Morning Quarterback.

“More so, it’s that he doesn’t do anything to calm it down. And not talking is probably the best thing he can do to calm it down. For now, anyway.”

The media in Jacksonville is waiting on pins and needles for Tebow to speak, but thus far he’s issued only one statement.

“I want to thank the Jaguars for the opportunity to compete and earn the chance to be part of this team,” Tebow said in the statement.

“I know it will be a challenge, but it is a challenge I embrace. I am dedicated to taking the direction of our coaching staff and learning from my teammates. I appreciate everyone’s support as I embark on this new journey.”

Written by Matt Loede

Matt has been a part of the Cleveland Sports landscape working in the media since 1994 when he graduated from broadcasting school. His coverage beats include the Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Cavaliers. He's written three books, and won the "2020 AP Sports Stringer Lifetime Service Award."


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  1. He has every right to try this and I get the angle for having him on a team in Jacksonville, but there’s absolutely no way he is going to have any impact at all as a tight end. I like the guy a lot but you don’t just learn how to block and run routes in 4 months, especially considering he is not some super elite athlete like Gates was in San Diego. 1 chance in 50 he makes any impact at all.

    • I generally agree. At 33 it’s asking a lot to learn a very complex position at the NFL level. Though I think people discount the level of athlete Tebow is. That’s not his problem. He’s an elite athlete. He may not run a 4.5 40 but few TEs do in the nfl anyway. It’s more about quickness, hands, getting off blocks and getting open in tight spaces for a TE, more than 40 time. Not sure how much of his athleticism he’s hung onto over the years, but he looks in unbelievable shape.

  2. He’s an attention whore, a side show attraction and brings a circus to town with him. He flunked out the league because he wasn’t willing to put in time to learn how to be a nfl QB….and now we’re supposed to take him learning a new position at 33 years old seriously? Get real

  3. Um, Bayou B …. who is forcing you to “take him”? The only circus surrounding this issue are the worthless media who can’t wait until someone like Tebow fails and the losers like yourself that read and listen to them! Seriously, you’re that worked up about 1 player out of 1500 and who’s trying to make a mediocre team at best?

    • That’s exactly what this is a media stunt. Nothing more nothing less. I’m not rooting for the guy to fail. He’s failed enough in his career. He failed his first attempt in the nfl. He failed minor league baseball.

      • Actually he’s been a winner everywhere he’s been a starter. Stats like throwing arm angle are for non-athletes to obsess over. Winning used to be the point of sports but now it’s about race, biomechanical data, anything but winning. The league is pathetic.

    • Agreed. Who gives a fuck except losers like Max Kellerman who want to cry racism at every possible chance? This is the biggest non-issue in sports history. Does anyone realize that like each team has like 100 dudes on their rosters right now and only 53 plus practice squad will make it past September 1 (or whenever the final cut day is)? Point being that each team has like 5 dudes at each position right now and no one cares. This is so lame.

  4. He’s a good dude if he was a typical national felon league thug nobody would have a problem he doesn’t run a vicious dog fighting ring or knockout his girlfriend in the elevator and drag her ass out by the hair or murder people . So in todays world of course people will poke fun or just be hating so I say fuck em

  5. Yep, he’s a good guy and assholes are rooting against him. Unbelievable. Tebow is as good as role model as one can get but the supporters of the criminal NFL element don’t like it. Fuck them.

  6. Typical lib media playbook shit. Media creates a narrative – Tebow is a distraction!
    Media goes around asking former coaches (anonymous, of course)…are they head coaches, asst. HCs, position coaches…water boys?????

    Breer seeks out Tebow’s “past coaches” for comment…of course, you ask “hey coach, how was Tim Tebow?” They’re gonna answer…but nobody said he’s fueling anything…but the typical lib media “silence is violence” gambit. Oh…Tebow’s NOT DOING ANYTHING TO QUIET THE NOISE.
    How would he do that, Matt? By holding a news conference? LMAO…just what you guys would like.

    Matt l: “It’s been a problem since the Denver Broncos drafted him years ago. Tebow — no matter what he does, good or bad — gets a LOT of attention at camp, which is causing a distraction for the team.” A distraction? SAYS WHO? Says Albert Breer? Says Matt Loede? No…says the anonymous “former coaches” you asked for comment because nobody in Jags camp has a bad word to say.

    “The media in Jacksonville is waiting on pins and needles for Tebow to speak…”, Says Matt.
    Nah…that’s just you and your media buds doing the circular reporting scam. You report the media is waiting with bated breath…write that Tebow’s causing a problem by not talking…former anonymous sources agree with you because you asked them to comment…others report “Tebow is a problem according to NFL coaches”. We better form a blue-ribbon commission to investigate how Tebow got into the locker room. We can’t ask the players on the team, though, because they’d blow up your narrative.

  7. Bayou B. Your definition of failure is hilarious and would love to use your standard to your own career/life. Anyone with enough talent to even sniff a professional sport (1/10th of 1%) is hardly a failure unless they blew their opportunity on criminal acts, etc.

    • I wasn’t aware I laid out my definition of failure. Tim Tebow the person is anything but a failure. Hell he’s made millions playing a game he completely sucked at. That’s the epitome of a successful story. What I said was he failed in the nfl, and that’s completely indisputable.

  8. Whenever a headline says something about controversy or complaints without attribution to a source — it’s the MEDIA stirring up controversy and complaints be it politics, sports or anything else the media wants to stir up trouble about to increase ratings. Outrage sells.

  9. I live in Jax. Nobody is complaining. We are not waiting on pins and needles for him to speak. The dude has lived here for years, people see him around town everyday. I can tell you, there are only high fives and cheers when people see him. The dude is doing exactly what we thought he would do: keep his head down and get to work.

  10. “Bayou B,” huh? Sounds suspiciously like one of the corndogs who dote on LSU. I suspect this headline from Oct 12, 2008 has something to do with his/her/its enmity, “Tim Tebow, Gators rout defending champ LSU, 51-21,” by AP, Oct 12, 2008.

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