The Number One Dating Red Flag For Young Men Is……..Communism: SURVEY

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Being a communist is going to be a problem if you’re a young woman hoping to score a man to marry you.

Dating can be hard. We all know it. If you’re reading this right now, odds are high you’ve had some great relationships, but also some bad ones. Hand up, I can speak to both sides. It’s the way life works.

Not every single at bat is going to result in a home run. One of the ways to help make dating easier is to find out what people are looking for and what they’re not.

A recent survey from Change Research (via Teen Vogue) of 1,033 registered voters between the ages 18-34 yielded some fascinating red flags both sexes see in dating, and there’s one thing men don’t like:


Communism is the number one red flag for young men when it comes to dating. (Photo by Buyenlarge/Getty Images)

Young men don’t want to date women who are communists.

Identifying as a communist was the number one red flag for men when looking for a potential female partner with 64% being against it. Not having hobbies and identifying as a MAGA Republican were the next two biggest red flags for men at 60% and 59% respectively.

Other interesting data in the survey was 58% of women believe only believing in two genders is a red flag compared to 24% of men (WTH!!!!!!), 54% of women view being conservative as a negative compared to only 35% of men, 19% of women view being liberal as a red flag compared to 33% of men and 27% of women view owning a gun as a bad thing compared to 13% of men.

Only 14% of women view being a BLM fan as a red flag compared to 33% of men. It really does seem like young men are way more conservative than young women by a *LARGE* margin, according to the data.

The dating survey results are downright incredible.

These results honestly give me a little hope that young men out there are holding themselves to slightly higher standards than I thought.

We didn’t fight the Cold War with the Soviets for decades so that men could chase pink haired communists in 2023. The fact communism is the number one red flag for men between 18-34 might be the most based data of the year.

We fought the dirty, soulless, unwashed and disgusting communists to make sure oppression didn’t overtake the world. Now, in 2023, 64% of men won’t date women who identify with the commies. I guess more young people are watching “Red Dawn” than I thought.

Everything about this survey is incredible. It’s laugh out loud funny there’s a 16 point gap between men and women when it comes to not asking for details (58% of women compared to 42%) of men. That means 58% of men are fine dating a woman who never asks them for details about anything. Incredible. Simply incredible. Every stereotype I might have imagined or joked about is more or less confirmed with these results. Let us know your favorite results in the comments below, and remember, there’s no such thing as a good commie!

Written by David Hookstead

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