Colt McCoy Is Apparently Open To Running For Governor Of Texas

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Is Colt McCoy going to jump into politics down the road?

As strange as it sounds, the Arizona Cardinals quarterback is apparently interested in possibly running for governor of Texas.

Yes, the 36-year-old NFL player and former Longhorns passer is leaving the door open for a potential run at the Texas statehouse, and Kliff Kingsbury thinks he could actually win.

Could Colt McCoy actually become the governor of Texas?

McCoy certainly wouldn’t be the first major name to toy with a potential governorship run in Texas. Matthew McConaughey toyed with the idea for months before finally shutting it down.

While McConaughey is certainly a lot more famous than Colt McCoy across America by a huge margin, the former Texas QB is still beloved in the Lone Star State.

Colt McCoy is open to running for governor in Texas. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

He was a dominant QB while in Austin, and if he hadn’t been hurt in the national title game against Alabama, he could have finished his career with a national title ring.

During his time with the Longhorns, McCoy went 45-8 as a starter, and his stats were very impressive. He threw for 13,253 yards and 112 touchdowns. He also rushed for an additional 20 TDs.

When you put up numbers like that, people are going to remember you for a very long time. Texas loves football and the state loves its football heroes. Colt McCoy is definitely on the list of most beloved players in the state.

Will Colt McCoy ever run for governor in Texas? (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Unfortunately for those hoping to see him run in the near future, he still has a bit of NFL action left in the tank. Don’t expect to see Colt McCoy signing off on legislation at any point in the next several years.

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