Colorado Officials Vote To Drop ‘Sex Offender’ Term Because Of Its ‘Negative Impact’ — On Sex Offenders

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The woke — or whatever they’re called — protect a lot of dangerous groups, including the overt racists like Al Sharpton and Joy Reid. But never before have they offered their support to a group this inhumane:

The Colorado Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) voted on Friday to drop the term “sex offender” because the word has had a “negative impact” on sex offenders.

That’s right, the sex offenders do not like being called sex offenders. So stop it — the SOMB already has.

The SOMB board voted 10-6 to change the term to “adults who commit sexual offenses” in its Standards and Guidelines book.

“I think the biggest thing is research really shows us that assigning a label has the potential for negative effects in rehabilitation,” says Kimberly Kline, a licensed counselor and chair of the board. “If we’re talking about how someone speaks about themself … that can increase risk. Ultimately it is victim-centered if we’re reducing risk.”

What does the SOMB do? According to Post Millennial, more than it should.

“The board is responsible for treating, managing and monitoring adult sex offenders in the state. Friday’s meeting went over a list of five new possible terms, focusing on ‘person-first language,’ before the board voted to use the pick,” the site says.

Next up, probably, some group of state officials will demand we start calling murderers “people who commit murder.” Unless, of course, said murderer looks like Kyle Rittenhouse. In that scenario, MSNBC demands we call that person a “little murderous white supremacist.”

The board will meet again in December to advance its plan to change the term for, well, sex offenders.

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  1. In Colorado’s defense … this isn’t “The State of …” declaring anything. It is just 10 overly-caffeinated wacky members of a whozit board with way too much time on their hands.

    Colorado, along with Arizona and Texas, are getting A LOT of political migrants moving out of California and bring “California” with them.

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