Colorado Coach Hangs Up On Me

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This morning on Outkick we had Colorado coach Mike MacIntyre on the show.

And he hung up on me. 

Out of nowhere. 

Listen to the entire interview yourself:

Here was the question right before he hung up:

“Did you or your agent get contacted about any jobs this offseason?”

MacIntyre: “I have no comment on any of that.”

Me: “So that means yes.”

MacIntyre: “No, I have no comment. I really didn’t want to get into all that. So, I appreciate it, thanks a lot man. Talk to you later.”

For those asking, of course we don’t agree to interview questions in advance. If you come on my show then I’m going to ask you whatever I want to ask you. If you don’t want to come on the show, fine, people listen for me, not the guests. 

But, like I said, I didn’t even do anything to get hung up on. My line of questioning wasn’t even contentious. And my question about whether he or his agent had been contacted should have been totally expected.

And when you no comment that question it is, in fact, a clear yes to anyone who is listening with a brain.

All MacIntyre had to say in response to that question, “When you win, people take notice, which is flattering, but I’m happy here.”


All this interview confirmed for me is that MacIntyre isn’t ready for a big time coaching job. If you can’t handle an interview with me, how are you going to handle a major college job in the SEC or Big Ten? He should stay at a minor league program like Colorado. 

Amazingly once MacIntyre hung up on me the SID at Colorado, a goateed bald man named David Plati, lost his mind and sent an expletive-laced email and voicemail to our scheduler, Cindy Katz, who kills it booking guests for us and is great at her job and had nothing to do with my interview questions.  

Among other things, Plati said he was going to ensure that no one would ever appear on our show from the Pac 12 again. Which will probably come as a surprise to USC coach Clay Helton since he’s on the show with us tomorrow.

Plati is a typical college employee, a two-bit loser who likes to bully people. You’ll note that he didn’t even try and reach out to me, he reached out to my staff.  

Look, here’s the deal, if you come on my show I’m going to ask you questions that our listeners want to hear the answer to. If you don’t want that and you don’t want to reach our massive audience, then don’t come on. Our ratings won’t change. We’re rolling regardless of the guests.  

There are plenty of ball coddlers in sports talk radio, I ain’t one of them.


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See you tomorrow. 

Written by Clay Travis

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