Colorado Avalanche Fans Singing Blink-182 Is Unequivocally Awesome

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The sight and sound of nearly 20,000 Colorado Avalanche fans singing along to Blink-182 is must see. In fact, the raucous crowd singing in unison while the Western Conference champions cruise the ice is arguably the coolest thing going in all of north American sports.

In other words, Wisconsin’s faithful may have to Jump Around to second place in the category of fan assisted in-game bangers.

Witness the awesomeness below.

Though the act of crooning “All the Small Things” picks up when the action stops, what’s unique is that it’s not just a few bars blaring throughout the arena until play resumes. Avalanche fans are signing the entire tune as the game rolls on.

Name another spot where more than 18,000 people are agreeing standing in unison to literally sing the same tune game after game – we’ll wait.

Per, the tradition has been around since 2019 when Avs DJ Craig Turney, aka “DJ Triple T,” heard the song on the radio during a normal afternoon drive. Though the song was released in 1999, it still appealed to Turney and influenced his decision to spin it during the Avalanche’s next home game.

“What a song right?” Turney told, recalling the moment.”You don’t even have to like rock, that song is just one of those feel-good universal tunes that you can’t help but sing along to.”

Once the song hit Colorado’s Ball Arena, the fans, like Turney, couldn’t hide their excitement. “They just loved it,” Turney said. “It was organic. It wasn’t staged. Everyone was into it and it was like, ‘Wow, OK I think we’re really on to something here.'”

Soon after, the jam became a third period staple, though it did come and going during the craziness of COVID seasons. It’s been back in full swing for Colorado’s ride to the Stanley Cup Final where the Avs currently lead Tampa Bay two games to none.

Turney told “…when you’re here and the whole arena is rocking out and singing along, ‘Say it ain’t’ so, I will not go. Turn the lights off. Carry me home, Na-na, na-na, na-na, na-na, na, na,” all in unison it just gives you chills. That’s what it’s all about. That community that bonds over something so simple. It’s all the small things.”

With just two more wins, Colorado and their vocal fans will secure the franchise’s third Stanley Cup. And that’s no small thing.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. It is pretty cool they sing all the lyrics clearly, that’s unique. The song, its lyrics, really can’t be shoehorned into sports anthem though, “all the small things”? I prefer the Anaheim Ducks Bro Hymn, that song feels like a call to arms. Many teams have used the song, it’s ubiquitous now like Seven Nation Army, but the Ducks started that one. Whoa whoa oh ohhh ……..

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