Colombian Soccer Player Flashes Junk To Distract Opponent During Free Kick

The most elite athletes will do whatever it takes to get a competitive edge. Sometimes that means whipping out your junk to distract an opponent during a free kick.

Alright, that’s never the case, but it didn’t stop one Colombian fútbol-er from doing just that.

It happened during a match in Colombia’s top division. Independiente Santa Fe was playing Jaguares de Córdoba when the Jaguares were awarded a free kick.

It was at this point that Santa Fe defender Geisson Perea had a lightbulb moment. While standing in the requisite wall, he decided to change things up: instead of covering his genitals he leave them completely exposed.

Colombian soccer player flash
(Credit: Twitter/Vladimir Vega @vlavedu)

That’s what they call a game-changer, folks.

As far as we know, that free kick didn’t find twine. This means Perea’s decision to give his junk some fresh air may have worked.

Colombian soccer player Geisson Perea decided to let it all hang out to distract an opponent during a free kick. (Photo by Juan Ignacio Roncoroni-Pool/Getty Images)

It would seem that the referee had his eyes squarely on the free kick itself and never saw Perea’s momentary flash of innovation. he didn’t receive a penalty of any kind.

However, TV cameras — and viewers at home — certainly did. Now people are calling for him to face some kind of punishment.

You’ve got to think that Perea is definitely going to be getting a phone call, and he’ll have some ‘splaining to do.

You’ve got to think that since whipping the ol’ meat and two veg anywhere — be it on the street, in a restaurant, or on a Zoom call — you will get in some kind of trouble. You could get arrested, get a citation, or even lose your gig at The New Yorker.

By that logic, you can’t be doing it on the pitch while playing the beautiful game.

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