Colombian Nurse Sofia Pineda Stops By, Peyton’s Huge Debut & Giants Pass Blocking Needs Help

Credit where credit is due this morning

I’m not sure there’s a genius at ESPN who went to Peyton and Eli Manning and proposed they do a show on ESPN2 where they do an alternate Monday Night Football simulcast/broadcast/Zoom chat/Twitch stream or whatever you want to call it, but there’s someone at the Worldwide Leader waking up this morning all fired up about updating his/her Linkedin account. The first Manning MNF simulcast was a complete success — yes, there are warts, but my god, relax and let these two just give you raw, 95% unscripted live television.

Was it scripted to have Peyton put on a Ravens helmet that barely fit on his head? Yes. Was it scripted to have guests like Charles Barkley, Ray Lewis, Travis Kelce and Russell Wilson? Yes.

Other than that, this was like watching Ron Jaworski’s old-school NFL Matchup on ESPN, but with Peyton in charge of everything and Eli there for a random joke.

I’m begging the ESPN2 executive producers (Peyton and some person bragging on their Linkedin account about this huge success) to not listen to my friend & Charlotte TV sports guy Will Kunkel. The product he puts on his incredible hair has gone to his brain. DO NOT BRING IN A THIRD WHEEL!

Let this show breathe and see where it goes. My hope is that Peyton will overrule ESPN executives who’ll want to plant guests who’ll promote products. I know that is coming and will ruin the raw feel of the show. How long will it take before ESPN will pull some stunt and ruin the vibe? Give them a couple of weeks. They’re like Kunkel. They cannot get out of their own way and let this stuff feel like old school television.

• Indy Daryl has the perfect email for me this morning. A Do Hard Things ruling on my basketball hoop project over the weekend:

Morning! Was reading screen caps this morning and figured you might need a Do Hard Things ruling regarding your basketball hoop. So I reached out to the comish (my mom) and she approves: yes that was a hard thing and definitely fits the bill.

Hope you finally got it together and that you are shooting hoops with the boys this evening!

Fun fact: one of the defining memories of my childhood was my dad coming home from work and before he even went inside, we would, many days, play a quick game of horse or pig. As a kid my favorite shot was trying to make it from behind the hoop, over the backboard. Rarely made it and rarely beat my dad, but man those memories have stuck with me. 

• I’ll have Daryl know that the hoop is up, the first shot by my son was through the net and, yes, I’ll put antifreeze in the base so it doesn’t crack open this winter. My son is absolutely pumped up to have his own hoop. I need to try a few limbs, but he’s in business. Now the 4-year-old just needs to get a little stronger to get the ball into the hoop.

• Sorry for the late Screencaps post this morning. I just got off the phone with my father for an organizational meeting on our father-son football trip that is set to resume this fall. The big news from the call is that dad’s on board with a possible trip to College Station for the Alabama game. We just need to double-check our schedules, but at this point it appears I’ll be taking A&M fans up on the tailgating invitation.

• Bill H. sent this to me before Arkansas beat Texas:

Here is a former Little Rock Catholic High grad who really put his disdain for the Longhorns out where everyone can see it. He deserves an honorary TNML membership if he is not already a member.
LRCH’s rival was Little Rock Hall High. Back in the early 2000’s they would do things to gig each other. Some botanical wizards from Catholic planted winter grass seed on the embankment in front of Hall High. A green patch that spelled out “CHS” was there for everyone to see all winter long. Brilliant fun!
I suspect a Porbeck. You?
Check your oil before each cut, MF (mowing friend).

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