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Any of you guys into coin collecting?

I’m not well versed in the coin collecting world, but when I see a headline that says there’s a $10M 1794 ‘Flowing Hair’ silver dollar set going to auction, that gets my attention. According to the experts, this is the coin of all coins in U.S. coin collecting and on October 8 it can be yours.

Experts say the piece dubbed the Flowing Hair Silver Dollar might again fetch the $10 million that Las Vegas resident Bruce Morelan spent to buy it in 2013.

“This coin is so valuable because it has been identified as perhaps the first piece made in silver” in the young United States, said Douglas Mudd, director of the American Numismatic Association museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where the coin used to be displayed.

Seems like something you buy and put into a vault somewhere so it can keep gaining valuable. It’s not like they’re growing these on trees these days. Your wife just needs to understand what this means to you in life.

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  1. Noooo first I’m hearing of Kamala dieing. Mid South wrestling in the early eighties. I was in fear for my life just watching him on TV. I bought his book a couple years ago and I know he lost a leg due to his diabetes. Reading his life story was great just a humble guy from Mississippi. Such a great entertainer it was years before I figured out wrestling was fake and he wasn’t really from the jungles of Africa. RIP Kamala.

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