College Softball Player Turns Into A TikTok Star By Showing Off Her Mouth After Having It Drilled By 60 MPH Softball

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It turns out that being hit by a 60 mph softball in the mouth comes with benefits if you know how to use social media to your advantage. Just ask North Idaho College softball player Emma Ardith Todhunter who had her face destroyed this spring by a softball and turned it into a 313k TikTok follower empire that has turned Todhunter into a social media force.

The softball broke her jaw in two different places and tore out a “big chunk of her tooth” which resulted in Todhunter’s doctors deciding wiring her jaw shut was the only choice.

Enter TikTok videos of Emma’s cage. Her wired mouth was an instant hit.

Emma Ardith Todhunter, who plays college softball in Idaho, spent the spring documenting having her mouth wired shut / TikTok

The cage came with a liquid diet, which she documented and racked up nearly 700k views on one video where she’s drinking out of a blender container. The liquid diet led to 10 pounds of weight loss, which Emma documented.

It also led to viewers asking how the broken jaw thing affected her daily life. That led to more content. More views. More followers.

And we also learn that after this whole episode that smoothies are now Emma’s favorite food. Yep, she documented her smoothies.

Softball player broken jaw

Emma’s new jaw.

The lesson here besides never being caught on a softball field without a cage is that Internet users are suckers for pretty much any storyline you can throw at them that’s unique. One minute TikTok users are swiping away, the next minute they’re hooked on the story of the college softball player suckin’ down a smoothing through a cage because she was drilled in the face.

Now the problem is that Emma has burned through her story. The cage is gone. Her teeth are free to eat solids. From the look of things, she’s gone the direction of so many other TikTok stars — she’s making dance videos.

be there or be square◼️🫶🏻#fyp


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