College Outfielder Tries To Recreate The Rodney McCray Wall Collision

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The Amherst College baseball team received a beautiful new baseball field back in 2017 with incredible views for outfielders who get to look at the hills behind Memorial Field. While the new field is great and all, there’s something missing: a warning track.

A Wesleyan U. left fielder found out the hard way during an April 4 game that you better not lose track of where the Amherst wall is, or it will sneak up on you and become a clear problem.

Get that arm extended. Feel for the wall. I know you have a mask on and it’s a huge pain in the ass. GET THE ARM EXTENDED….THERE’S NO TRACK…ARMMMMM….TOO LATE.

That college ball player has nothing on Rodney McCray, but it’s always solid content to see a guy give up the body and run through a wall, even if Amherst erected a wall to be run through with minimal abrasions.

Rodney’s wall moment came during a 1991 game in Portland, Oregon. The wind was blowing in and McCray thought he could make the catch with enough room. McCray would later say he didn’t hear any warning from the center fielder so he kept his foot on the gas. And then there’s impact.

“Knock on wood, it didn’t hurt,” McCray said of the collision. “I’m 5-9, 5-10, so I missed the pole (holding up the sign) that was horizontal (a few inches above him). I bruised my throwing arm. I sat on my back for a minute or two. I was more upset because I landed on a tarp of water. My whole backside was soaking wet. It was not a comfortable feeling.”

McCray stayed in the game.

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