College Football Title Game Rankings

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You guys are really enjoying the weekly college football ratings numbers, so I’ve broken them out into their own post this week. (FYI, ratings is a different number than total viewers. The later in the day, generally speaking, the more total viewers there are for TV shows. Ratings is just the straight number.)  

I’ll give you the specific numbers below, but here’s the TV ratings order:

1. SEC title game

2. Big Ten 

3. Big 12 “title” game (Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State)

4. ACC title game

5. AAC’s UCF vs. SMU (default title game for UCF)

6. Pac 12 title game 

7. Conference USA title game


Missouri Auburn 4p- 8.7/17

This was the highest rated game of the day. 

Once again, the SEC on CBS wins.

Top markets:

1. Birmingham: 48.2/68
2. St. Louis: 22.1/39
3. Knoxville: 21.1/33
4. Memphis: 20.3/29
5. Atlanta: 19.9/38
6. Nashville: 19.8


Ohio State-Michigan State 8:15p 8.4/15

This is the highest-rated Big 10 Championship Game ever. 

Massive number for the Big Ten. 

Top 5 Markets

Columbus- 48.3/72

Dayton- 37.7/55

Cleveland- 28.5/48

Detroit- 26.7/43

Birmingham- 24.5/35

Texas – Baylor 3:45p 2.5/5

– Top 3 Markets

o Austin- 26.3/45

o Dallas- 12.1/20

o Oklahoma City- 10.9/17



Oklahoma – Oklahoma State 12n- 5.1/12

Duke – Florida State 8p- 4.0/7


UCF – SMU- 12n- 1.1/3

2013 MLS Cup (Kansas City- Salt Lake City)  4p- 0.5/1

Stanford – Arizona State 7:45p- 1.1/2

Yep, UCF- SMU was higher rated than the Pac 12 title game. 

This makes you wonder, should the Pac 12 play its title game every year on Friday? More people would watch, for sure. 


Marshall – Rice 12n- 0.3/1

South Florida – Rutgers – 7:30p- 0.2/1


Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.