College Football Playoff Gambling Odds

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In a weird way, they’re kind of sneaking up on us. The College Football Playoff semifinals are this Friday. That means that it’s a good time to take a look at the gambling odds for the semifinal games, as well as the futures for the title. Here are the lines over at our partners at FanDuel:

And here are the futures odds for national title:

Just looking at these odds, one strategy I’d recommend if you like Ohio State would be to bet their moneyline twice as opposed to betting their future right now. Let’s say you are starting with $100. If you bet it on the Ohio State championship future, you would win $590. If you bet $100 on the Ohio State moneyline to beat Clemson, you’d win $225. Assuming Alabama beats Notre Dame, you then have $325 (your winnings plus your principal) to bet on Ohio State moneyline over Alabama.

Given what the future odds look like, it’s a reasonable assumption that game will also have a moneyline above +200. Therefore, you could likely win more money betting on Ohio State to win outright twice than betting on their future right now.

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Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

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