College Football Playoff Committee Moving Ahead Without B1G, Pac-12

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The College Football Playoff Selection Committee is up and running and ready to do its job this season picking the four teams that will compete in the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl, along with the New Year’s Six bowl pairings. The committee will have an interesting season as they choose four teams from three Power 5 conferences now that the Big Ten and Pac-12 have decided to hang it up in 2020.

“We don’t know right now what the season will bring, but as a committee, we are ready to use the protocol and the expertise of the 13 people who have been charged with selecting the teams,” said Gary Barta, Athletics Director at the University of Iowa who is beginning his first year as committee chair, said via a CFP press release.

“The committee’s task is to rank the teams based on what happens on the field. This week gave us a great chance to catch up with the familiar faces and welcome our three new members to the process. If the board and management committee say we are having a CFP, we will be ready.”

Now comes the fun part: which four teams make it to the final four? Is this the year we get three SEC teams into the playoff? Does Oklahoma get in by default along with Clemson by default and then the SEC champion plus the runner-up? Bama, LSU, Florida/Georgia?

If you thought the committee had a hard time picking amongst five conferences, wait until they’re fighting over which school has a better loss.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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    • That’s why the MWC shutting down was so frustrating. You play in States thats been less impacted and I would hope you had safety measures ready. Let’s play ball.

  1. You’re right on the money, Tiger. This is the best chance for G5 school to make a splash and sneak into the playoff. I can’t even imagine the amount of butt hurt that would manifest around the internet should a group of five school win a playoff championship before the PAC-12.

  2. I think in such a situation you have to take the three conference champions unless theres a major upset in a championship game, as there are no inter-conference games from which to judge the relative strengths of the conferences. I also then think that just based on pst history SEC#2 will get in as well.

    • That’ll be interesting to watch, providing all the games get played, Do they put Oklahoma in from the Big 12 (assuming they win that league) or are they swayed to put in Bama, LSU, and perhaps another top tier SEC team like Georgia. For instance, if Bama runs the table, LSU and Georgia each only have losses to Bama, do they get in over a 9-1 Oklahoma team who’s not played the brutal SEC schedule. I hope we get to the point that we get to debate it. Even a 8-2 LSU team could arguably finish higher than the Big 12 winner.

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