Clay Travis: College Baseball Is Wildly Underrated

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OutKick founder Clay Travis believes, right now, college baseball is the most underrated sport that is phenomenal in the entire country.

“Not saying it’s the best sport,” he said. “Most underrated sport. And today and a lot of you are probably watching, but also a lot of you probably didn’t know this. There are at least nine different games that are elimination games. A lot of these games are going on right now as I speak to you involving big brands, lots of talented teams going on all day today, nine of them potentially ten, depending on what ends up happening in the Arizona Ole Miss game and whether they have to play two games.”

Here’s everything Clay had to say:

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  1. Yep I’m a massive Carolina hoops fan. But sorry College Baseball postseason is the best collegiate postseason. Multiple formats within the tournament, Highest Seeds get to host two rounds of postseason play, and the overall talent is so deep across the tournament compared to hoops now. Half of the dudes playing could be minor leaguers already. Also the stadiums are getting much much better.

    • I think college baseball is poised to take over the role minor league baseball formerly played. And the summer wooden bat leagues – Cape Cod, Alaska, etc. (there are 90 of them now) – only extend the joy of college baseball into August.

      Here in San Diego, we sent USD and PLNU (Div. II) to the playoffs, while SDSU hosted the Mountain West conference tournament at Tony Gwynn Stadium. College baseball is better than ever, and it’s always been good.

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