Colin Kaepernick’s Girlfriend Calls Ravens Owner Racist, Ray Lewis an Uncle Tom

Good morning from Costa Rica. I’m about to head out and spend the day on the beaches down here, but before that I wanted to link the latest social media post that has doomed Colin Kaepernick’s chances of playing in the NFL this year, and potentially ever again.

While the left wingers in the sports media at MSESPN and other networks continue to assert Kaepernick is unemployed because of his protest, that’s not accurate. Kaepernick’s most incendiary comments weren’t related to his protest of the national anthem at all — indeed, every other player who kneeled during the national anthem is currently on a roster and playing in the NFL this fall — it has been his endorsement of Fidel Castro and statement that Cuba treats minorities better than the United States does and his assertion that police officers are modern day slave catchers that has made his employment toxic.

Then last night Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend decided to Tweet that the Ravens owner is a racist and Ray Lewis is an Uncle Tom.

This really happened. (The image she posted of Leonardo Dicaprio and Samuel L. Jackson is from “Django Unchained,” — Dicaprio was the racist slave master and Samuel L. Jackson was his house slave.)

And look at who the top comment is beneath her Tweet? An MSESPN employee laughing at how great her Tweet is.


It’s incredible. (It’s also incredible this Tweet isn’t receiving top news coverage when you think about how quickly MSESPN covers ever single athlete endorsement Kaepernick receives on Twitter. Isn’t Kaepernick’s girlfriend calling the owner of the team a racist and the most famous Raven’s player of all time an Uncle Tom a big story? Uh, yeah, it’s huge.)

Every NFL owner will see this Tweet and think, what’s the benefit here? Why would I employ a guy whose problems exceed his talents, a guy to back up my starter that if everything goes well will never see the field at all, when he’s likely to do or say outlandish things that alienate the customers of my business? And when everything his crew of social justice warriors does will also create a never ending media circus around my team?

It’s incredibly ironic that the left wing sports media continues to carry water for Kaepernick when the companies that employ those same media wouldn’t hire Kaepernick at their companies either. For all the talk from ESPN, Fox, NBC, and CBS employees about how awful and unacceptable it is that Kaepernick hasn’t been hired by an NFL team, ask yourselves this quetion, why wouldn’t ESPN, Fox, NBC, or CBS hire Kaepernick to talk about football on their networks this fall? The answer is simple, because he’s bad for business.

Isn’t it awfully convenient for all the left wing sports media employed by these companies to tee off on NFL owners for not hiring Kaepernick without even acknowledging the fact that their own employer wouldn’t hire Kaepernick either. It’s the latest in left wing sports media hypocrisy.

Okay, I’m off to the Costa Rican beaches today.

I’ll leave y’all with some advice from Stranger Things.

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.