Colin Cowherd Goes Off On Carson Wentz & His Backwards Hat

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By now you should know that Colin Cowherd cannot stand guys wearing their hats backwards. For years Cowherd went after Tony Romo — 2-4 in the postseason during his career — and his penchant for flipping his hat around like he was about to jump on his Suzuki for a cruise through Smalltown U.S.A. on a flaming hot July night with his girlfriend Tonya on the back.

Now Cowherd’s going after Carson Wentz, an easy target who is 0-2 and being booed by virtual fans at an empty stadium. Enter the Cowherd bit.

Cowherd’s always said the forward hat look makes you appear as the CEO you are as the quarterback of an NFL franchise while going backwards makes you appear to have never grown up. It’s not a new rant around the world of sports. Yankees manager Buck Showalter was crushing Ken Griffey Jr. in 1994 for his backwards hat even though Junior debuted in 1989. During his hall of fame induction speech in 2016, Junior pulled out a hat and put it on backwards to a standing ovation.

Matthew Stafford is another big backwards hat guy who has been crushed by a variety of critics, including Mike Ditka and Cowherd in 2011, who tweeted “Matt Stafford had hat on backwards. Enjoy watching playoffs on TV kid. Leave the post season to the grown ups.”

At this point, NFL quarterbacks are going backwards hat at their own peril. Cowherd’s just waiting for you to slip and he’s going to pounce. Wentz just happens to be the new guy in town.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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  1. I wouldn’t give two shits about what Cowherd said about me. Is he still relevant? I thought he joined the CNN political team. Stopped listening to him 6 months once he joined the woke brigade.

  2. There’s no words strong enough in the English language to describe my hatred of grown men wearing their hats on backwards….exceptions, if you’re about to put on a catchers mask, get on a motorcycle cycle, fire a rifle or operate a camera

  3. It is pretty funny because he has been dug in like a tick on Wentz’s balls since he got in the league!

    He really is just a clown. He started this whole feud with Baker Mayfield and it went from him being “undraftable” to now bash Baker but will offhandedly say “not knocking Baker, I still think he is a franchise quarterback in this league, but he aint (insert QB BJ of the week).”

    Pretty damn sight far away from being “undraftable” to “(lower end) franchise QB”. But he can gloat like he called it while he bashes him, oh but isnt really bashing him.

    Baker Mayfield is 14-18 in the NFL, for the Cleveland Browns, who were 1-31 the 2 years before he was drafted. He is playing for his 4th coach in 2+ seasons, and last year was coached by a guy who many considered to be the worst coach in the league last season. He may be overrated, over drafted and over exposed but he was clearly not “undraftable”. But Cowturd has moved the goal posts so much now he can freely bash and gloat and pat himself on the back. I used to watch/listen to him a lot, but have switched to Travis.

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