‘Yellowstone’ Star Steps Up To Help Families Of Fallen War Heroes

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“Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser has a special place in his heart for the members of fallen heroes.

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, everyone in America should take a moment to reflect on the huge price that has been paid to secure our freedoms.

The freedoms we enjoy didn’t come cheap. This country and the liberties we all enjoy were paid for in blood by American patriots, some of whom never made it home.

Cole Hauser helps families of fallen heroes.

Hauser has teamed up with the Special Operations Warrior Foundation to help give back to families who have lost a member in war. The foundation gives out educational scholarships to the families of fallen Navy, Army, Marines and Air Force special operations members. The “Yellowstone” star uses his influence and platform to help the families that are desperately in need.

“I’m a big fan of second chances. You know, for kids when they lose a family member, it’s a huge loss for them. Maybe it’s just my way of, you know, serving this country, the soldiers, their families,” Hauser explained when asked by CBS why he’s chosen to team up with the foundation.

The man famous for playing Rip Wheeler on “Yellowstone” also spoke about visiting with wounded vets and using humor to build a bridge to one another. You can check out his full interview below. It’s the perfect kind of content for Memorial Day weekend.

This is a classy move from the “Yellowstone” star.

While you’ll hear me criticize people from the entertainment world on a regular basis, you will never hear me criticize anyone helping the families of fallen American warriors.

There’s nothing classier than using your platform and power to help bring attention to gold star families.

As American Joyride viewers know, I also have a big soft spot in my heart and soul for the special operations community. You can read more about it Monday when my Memorial Day piece comes out.

Memorial Day is a great reminder of American sacrifice. (Photo by Stefan Zaklin/ Getty Images)

Men that come from that world are absolute dogs. They’re simply cut from a different kind of cloth. There’s a lot of military jobs where coming in contact with the enemy is almost guaranteed to never happen. Joining a special operations unit is a great way to guarantee you get in the fight.

It’s only for the best of the best. Regular military people view special operations members as gods, especially the tier one guys. They’re viewed as invincible, but the reality is they’re not. Some don’t make it back. They gave their last act in this world in service of their country and teammates.

The trauma that comes with losing a family member in war is beyond anything words can describe. That’s the pain Cole Hauser and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation is trying to help heal. It never goes away, but anything that can be done to help ease the burden is commendable.

Cole Hauser works with the Special Operations Warrior Foundation to help the families of fallen American warriors. (Credit: Paramount Network)

Props to Cole Hauser of the classy move, and have a great Memorial Day weekend. Just never forget what it’s all about.

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