Cole Beasley Explains Why He Kept Playing During The Playoffs With Broken Fibula

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Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley ended the AFC Championship Game with a team-high seven catches and 88 yards — and a broken fibula. In fact, Beasley had been playing through the broken fibula since Week 16 against the Patriots, according to Bills sideline reporter Sal Capaccio.

“I wasn’t going to miss the playoffs, especially after having to watch Week 17,” Beasley said of his situation, adding that he “felt it a bit” against the Colts but that the fibula didn’t cause him too many problems against the Ravens and the Chiefs.

“Take a few meds & suck it up,” the wide receiver said of his predicament. “There was no way I was gonna miss a playoff game.”

Beasley racked up 14 catches and 145 yards after suffering the broken fibula.

“They (Chiefs) just played better than us yesterday,” Beasley told members of the media on Monday. “They beat us. We didn’t play our best ball, but they took it too us. They aren’t going anywhere but we aren’t either.”

Written by Joe Kinsey

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    • So, how do you really feel?
      Seriously though, total Props to CB. That takes a lot of toughness to play through that.
      Or maybe it was just good drugs. Whichever, that’s the kind of player every team needs.

  1. Short term trade off for potential long term damage. Wonder how much Toradol and steroids it took to get him on the field. No professional athlete should be on the field with a broken leg. The Bills were not the better team on paper, therefore they needed a specific strategy, including a more aggressive game plan to win. Their inability to stop the run finally caught up with them.

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