Coastal Carolina’s Locker Room Celebration, Phil From The Bunker Lip & Potato Chip Reese’s Coming Soon

College football gets much more interesting this weekend

I said it Friday and I’ll say it again this morning, college football cranks up tonight with The U at Louisville. Fans will be in the stands. GameDay is in Louisville. The cheapest ticket to get in is $70 and it’s starting to feel like we’re going to get a better vibe out of the college game. The first two weeks of the season were clearly a chance to feel out the COVID procedures. Now things get serious.

With that said, I’d like to report that my outdoor TV project is 99% complete. The electric is perfect. The mount is in & it’ll hold me hanging from it. I even tested out an old TV last night while watching Coastal Carolina. Now I just need to go out and get a 50″ to fit the spot, get a rain cover and I officially have an outdoor command center in time for the SEC to get rolling next weekend.

Finally this morning, Matthew Stafford is out with a Players Tribune post talking about his white privilege. “All I can ask you to do, as we continue through this NFL season, is to close your eyes and really put yourself in other people’s shoes,” he wrote. “Try for a minute to put all the social media and the politics and the arguing aside, and look within yourself.”

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  1. Nicely done on the outside TV, I have a garage living room set up, two TV’s, bluetooth speaker, heater for the winter time games. Still working on the kegerator and wall of fame with pictures of my NC State heroes and favorite musicians ie. Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Beatles.

      • I bought an electric heater with a gift card I had for Lowes that was about $160, came with a glass table top that I did not attach because it made it heavy and like you I wanted to be able to move it to the driveway and back easily.

        I like the heater, but once the temps drop below 50 its only really warm enough if you have the garage door closed, it would do you very little good in the driveway when the temps drop below 50. I live in South Eastern North Carolina so it works okay for me, but you definitely need a more heavy duty propane style heater if you are going to be outside most of the time. I’d spend several hundred and get yourself one of those commercial style units that restaurants use. OR one of those propane powered fake firepits, those give off a lot of heat and look great.

  2. I don’t have a heater recommendation, but I’d recommend the Solo stove. Fantastic fire pit. Very little smoke, and lightweight so that you can move it. You can buy a stand to go with it, and you’re able to put the firepit anywhere, even on a wood deck.

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